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Sorry for the delayed response to your question about what Alli side is doing.... First off let me apologize for spelling grammar or even a backwards word or two as I currently have a concussion.

It's like this, Okay gang lets fix the server! "im in.. me too! Im in... and me... ummm okay now what? Now you have a think tank. Here you will identify the leaders among you, the dreamers, and the ones who are in it for perhaps the wrong reasons. Filter out your poisonous members swiftly as they will only serve as a distraction.

Initially we found 4 people with specialties in Raiding, PVP, Social and Economy. Got all of their ideas and rolled them around in a weekly think tank until we found some that stuck.
1. Increase pug pool.
2. Fix the inflated prices on ah
3. Encourage and support each other's raids.
4. Spread the word
Rinse and repeat

1. Create global channels. Alli has a channel for GMs/co-GMs only in addition to Teamwork and Zerghive. Teamwork is the new looking for group channel really it started as a network of just helpful friends on the server and blew up. It's actually what inspired me to start this initiative. Zerghive is geared towards world events and bosses. Don't forget your General chat channels as well. /join teamwork /join zerghive. Get in touch with me for an invite to the Guild Master channel.
*When you pug for a raid, don't expect the geared people to be sitting on their bum in a major city.
2. Increase the pug pool by leveling alts and training those who have an aptitude. Yes, this means you may have to get off your high horse and run some lfrs and lower IL raids to help others catch up. What's wrong with getting some valor anyway? Who doesn't want free 522 epics?

3. Dirtybyrd inspired us to all donate mats to post on the AH. He created a guild where we all throw in a little of this and that. We post that up on the auction house at fair prices, comparing ourselves to other servers, and then split the profits among the guilds that participate. (Started this week and the results have been quite significant)

4. Handofgods is rebuilding Overachievers. He focuses on helping get difficult achievements for mounts, legendaries and titles. /join Overachievers

5. When we pug into someone's raid and they are short on a guild group, we guild hop for the duration of the raid and then go back to our home guild. I changed my GM toon to one of my non-raiding alts, Gigabit. I ask my guild members to do the same.

6. Guild competition: Who are we to hold someone else back on enjoyment of the game? If they aren't happy in my guild I help them find one that suits them. How are we going to encourage a rebuilt server if we are hanging on to guildies that are loyal for the sake of principal? Go out have fun, explore what there is to offer. <Comtrya> is the best guild ever but it's not for everyone. :p Not gonna say it's easy, because it hurts to lose a friend but if you find a way to support them instead of lashing out, you may find that they will come back to you when they fail. Let the birds fly.

7. Nightseer is building an elite RBG team. Not for the feint of heart. While his group is not for everyone, He has encouraged those who are like minded to form groups of their own. He encourages people to push themselves harder and to do what ever they want. After all it's your money, your time and your are tied to no one!

We currently have about 20-25 guilds participating in the Blackhand Alliance Initiative. Please get in touch with one of us for an invite. We need all who are committed to rebuilding.

Well this is about all i can muster to type for the time being as it's time to pop a pain pill and farm. If you have never had a concussion, I don't recommend it.

Again, Thanks to everyone who is putting in their blood sweat and tears for Blackhand, each of you are amazing!

<3 Mama Gigz
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I approve the previous messages.

For some reason my first post on the forums in a few years is on…my death knight alt which has gone absolutely nowhere. GG.
Anyway…HI BLACKHAND! Returning player here (used to be Typhion for any of you BC/Wrath hold-outs.) What these people are trying to do is awesome, and as a player from Blackhand’s higher times, to me it seems like they’re on the right track.
Let me elaborate on some comments and maybe add an additional 1.375 cents in the form of suggestions.
On Pugs:
I think it goes without saying that this server’s talent pool is shallow AND narrow right now. Pugging is how you develop talent. It’s like a good walk-on program in football. Right now guilds recruit players based on prog and experience, and without pugging, that prog and experience can only come from guild raids. What does that mean? It means to fill spots you have to recruit from other guilds’ talent pool. What does that do for overall server status? Net gain of zero. Advancement of server status: zero. The major advantage of a healthy pug environment is three-fold.
1) You develop depth on the server making for better recruiting.
2) For the newer players (which our server is drawing right now by default) is that it puts the fire in their bellies so to speak. Fall short of what it takes to succeed once or twice, and you take it upon yourself to learn your class, seek advice, and improve.
3) Third, it’s just more fun and makes a better social environment, which is a draw in and of itself. You create a broader network of players, and let up and comers scout guilds themselves.

How many people here remember when pugs EXPECTED to down all tier 4 bosses on a weekly basis, and make significant inroads on tier 5? Pugs used to make legitimate attempts at Black Temple on this server, and Hyjal was doable until Arch for good pugs. There was no “link achieve, and significantly outgear content” req. The requirement was listen to your raid leader, be gemmed and enchanted, have flask and food and mana oil (lol, mana oil?) If you failed horribly in raid, you were told why before you were booted, and given some advice for your trouble. This server pugged Mimiron when people thought he was a raiding guild deal breaker. We get back there and everyone, casuals, and guild recruiters, will all win.
Suggestion: fix pugs. Get them up and running, and don’t be afraid to fail. Many good raiders and potential leaders have alts that could gear in pugs as well as raid finder. I’d lead them myself were it not for wife, kids, job, etc.

I led 25 man pugs in Ulduar when it was prog content up through Freya, and I know Feralist pushed for clears a few times as well as Cranica, so here’s the old formula for pug success:
1) Make realistic expectations known up front and be consistent. Expect gemming and enchants and glyphs, etc. Reject based on that. No exceptions. Have a standard and follow it. This generates a culture of success. Inform people of a dps req, and have them link it. If they don’t have recount, either group with them and watch or tell them to get it and link it. People like to know where the bar is so that they can clear it.
2) Details are good, but too much detail is bad. Take the time to explain a fight, but don’t overwhelm people with info. You’ll lose the attention of the heals if you explain the fight in one big blob. Take the time to let the tanks know what they need to do. Say “tanks, look out for X, do Y, and do this at Z.” Wash rinse repeat for heals and dps. Narrow the amount of info a person has to pay attention to, and you’ll get better understanding quicker.
3) Dry run a pull. Work on mechanics. Sucks, and yes the wipe is assured, but when people SEE the fight instead of their cool downs, they learn faster. Pugs have a long learning curve, so you’re going to wipe anyway. Make the wipe a better learning tool, and then get serious.
4) A pug with 16 guild members isn’t a pug. You’re not improving depth if you’re just running alts. You gotta go out on a limb and pull the unknowns.
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Some thoughts on our general environment

Remember barrens chat? Yes, it sucked, but here’s why it’s better than what you have now (trade chat being barrens chat) If Barrens is where the talking was happening, that meant people were OUT PLAYING THE GAME! Not hopping about the auction house.
When people are out playing the game, they’re farming mats, learning through playing, and doing what is supposed to be fun in wow. If you’re out playing, that means more supply on the AH, meaning better prices. Also creates again…a better social environment. I HATE having to go to shrine to look for a group, and there’s no good reason for it.

Second, get a LFG channel set up. Don’t wait on blizzard to hand down changes from on high. Make a channel and advertise it. Again, there’s no good reason to have to go to a city to look for groups. Get one set up, and then let people know that if they’re in trade looking for a group, they’re shopping for food at the auto parts store. Get them in the right place, so they can get out and play WHILE looking. A big part of the problem of setting up groups right now is that you’re recruiting from a small pool that is shrunk even further by narrowing the listening audience to whoever’s in the city at that point in time. It’s frustrating for leads, and for casuals who have limited time to play, they don’t want to waste it in shrine.

Third…do things in groups. Seriously. So many of the annoying freaking gated dailies are kill this then that 10 times. Do it in a group and you’ll be done faster most of the time, meet people, coach them, and network. Nobody really cares if you can solo that mob…especially if they’re not in a group with you to see it. Doing a rep grind run? Ask for company. Network. Coach. Break the silent loner BS rut and build this server.

Promote the server through success and fun
Nothing draws a crowd like winning and uniques. Succeed at pugs and prog, and offer something they don’t get elsewhere, and you’ll be a place people want to be. There are lots of ways to convince people that you are full of win:

1) Succeed at BG’s. Sure the horde !@#$% like to zerg AV. Not blackhand. Blackhand back-caps and coordinates and pre-que’s . Blackhand wins.
2) Have a solid LFR presence. Group before doing LFR, and group que. Be vocal in explaining strats. Show people Blackhand has some pros who can coach.
3) Advertise success. Illidan has server ques. Yuck. Illidan has a BENCH for raiders…who don’t get to raid. Yuck. Give them options. Recruit high pop realms and when they transfer, have an environment that gives them what they’re looking for.
4) Find something unconventional to do. This server kited everything under the sun back in the day for kicks. I recall a few times of seeing the Alliance leader of honor hold battling the horde leader of thrallmar at thrallmar. The cleaner visited UC before being taken on a walk to Ironforge more than once. Also made an appearance in org if I recall. I remember kiting patchwork through frogger over and over before downing him, and no tanking Hodir with a 10 man shadowpriest run by timed fades and excessive health leech. Try stuff. Don’t be boring.

Super long post is super long, but I remember how fun this server was, and really hope we get back there for everyone’s sake.
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This is pretty cool. Never seen a struggling server fight for itself and its players
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100 Worgen Druid
YES! I approve of these tips! Thank you for the advice!
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Guild Mentoring Program killed you.
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The prices aren't even inflated, some are just too lazy to put money into making gold.
If you check the prices of crafting materials, they line up with the ENTIRE alliance mean.
Of course there will be standard deviation from that mean, but that is what capitalism does.
Plus, if you post significantly lower than the Blackhand alliance mean. I'll buy it all up automatically.
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Great site to track AH trends across the world and down to our server. Are we in line? What needs work?
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Hey guys. Mind my !@#$ based grammer. On cell phone. I am the GM of Rehab. We just joined this server and looking to rebuild. This is an awesome idea and i want to support it to best of our capabilities. If your still interested in more GMs taking a stand add me. . I am looking to put a noob group together. Not requiring all to join guild cause thats not what this is about. If y have any people that show potential and just lack experience hit me up. Lets help train the new guys/gals the right way. If im off base let ne know.
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Blackhand needs more people like you Baylon!
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100 Human Priest
Okay, I'm impressed with this effort. Certainly something the realm I left would never do.
Global LFG channel would be the most useful community involvement addition.
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Defender's of the Niffty is in. I will contact you in game Gigz for more info/channel invites.

As far as idea's.. We need to get people focused less on LFR's / EzMode and more into raiding and why being in a guild is so awesome. I have been around since the beginning and this server used to be one of the biggest and baddest, now we are a ghost town.

This means more helping the undergeared and struggling players, pointing them to good info about the class / rotation they play. I like the idea's of channels to help get achievements and raids going, certainly a step in the right direction.

It also means inspiring people to play, we need to organize fun stuff that happens on a weekly/nightly basis. I suggest we set up a calendar on google or even make a pseudo guildlaunch site that has activities run by different guilds. Stupid fun stuff like raiding capital cities, races, pvp contests, doing old content for achievements and transmog.

Get a forum setup for us and use it to sell and advertise hard to get items, let people post the stuff they want and how much they are willing to pay. Screw the AH!

Then we promote the crap out of the new forums/calendar, guildleaders make your members sign up, spam capital cities, spam trade, spam everywhere. Make everyone on Blackhand realize that we are not dead, that we are alive and kicking and we want to change the way people view the game.

My 2c
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Our horde gm's have made a channel to talk in which has been good. I do my best to help out even though I am not gm. I've taken on this task to help wodie and fellow raiders of epiphany to help our fellow horde. All in all I think the horde side is starting to rebuild on this server and I see more and more people coming here so its a bonus to blackhand.
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I think this is a great idea and after reading the posts above I think many share this. Hit me up in game I'm always willing to help out where I can.
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I just started playing against since BC in December. New account, new toons. And I have to say, I love this server. Proud to call Blackhand my home. I can't wait to see some of these new initiatives in effect, and I wish all the best to the players who decide to make this server their place of residence!
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100 Worgen Druid
Right on Uatu! I added you to our "Think Tank" meeting. Hit me up in game when you are on. I think we could really use your help!
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