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Hi there,

I'm Australian, and i play on a US server (guess we all do) and i do PVP, and we all know pvp can be frustrating at some times with high latency.

So I'm wondering how can i force my 180ms to go lower. I herd of smoothping, Leatrix(running) etc etc but they don't really take a big chunk out of the latency only like 10~20 ms lol. Anyone?

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There's nothing u can really do to drop it more than u already have. 180ms is pretty good for us aussies. In order to get a general understanding of how ms works and is measured, think of it in terms of distance between australia and where the servers are located in the US. It's a big distance, which means ms will rise the further u are away from the servers. The only way to lower ur ms further than it already has is to get closer to the server.
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180ms is as about as good as you'll get. You cannot remove the physicality of the server location and your distance from it - it's just a fact of life with this game.
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180ms, I wish :(
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Scotty says: "I conot change the laws of physics captain"
12,000 km Sydney to LA = 0.12 sec at the speed of light. Add in switching times and 0.18 secs is kind of impressive.
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03/21/2013 10:22 PMPosted by Choplifter
You Aussies should find some rich dude and see if he can buy a piece of Blizzard and put a server there.

Vivendi still own 51% of the stock.

Who owns the rest of it?
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Turning interleaving off.
Tunneling Service may Help.
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You think 180ms is high? -__-

I've never been below 220ms! >:(
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I'm getting a steady 130-150 MS Now for the past 3 weeks. I STILL WANT TO GO LOWER! :|
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