am currently looking to change to a 2 night raid schedule. Job/irl has caused me to require it. Ideally, I find a guild that is near top on their server, with progression in the 10-12/12 ToT normal range.

I would like:

2 night raid week
10+/12 ToT guild
10 or 25
Horde or Alliance

My availability is as follows:

Sunday : 3-11PM PST
Monday : 3-11PM PST
Tuesday : 3-11PM PST
Wednesday : 730-1130PM PST
Friday : 3-11PM PST

Ideally I find a guild with any combination of Sun/MonTues/Fri. But would consider Wednesdays. I prefer Resto, but can play Moonkin considerably well. Please add me in game Peeto#1514 or leave a message here. Thank you.