I am an experienced Priest, DPS priest that is.

I am ex military so if i have to use that and guilt trip my way in, that works also, haha.

I will not claim to be the best. I am fully geared in season 13 gear with enchantments and proper gems. Around 65% pvp res and 47% pvp power. My item level is 485 or a couple higher I think. I am awaiting a few more conquest points to upgrade a couple articles.

I am looking for a pretty active team, I am willing to create one, or be added to one. I enjoy PVP and am looking to join a team where they enjoy also.

I am sick of BG and the pvpers who can't grasp the concept of pvp. If someone is way more experienced then I am, I have no problems listening and following direction in order to win. I don't need to be the one barking orders.

So email me on Vardi, add me as friend, and lets create a team.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you on my arena team, or me on yours.