Thinking about joining Vashj.

90 Goblin Shaman
@xanthu hey man im the one who started this thread I did the same exact thing and leveled a toon here before making the decision, its a pretty active server, at least horde side, and I ended up transferring my 85 over, I'll deff be on Vashj' till the end of WoW.
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90 Human Paladin
I'm going to stick with the Alliance, but from what I've gathered so far from leveling my character, It seems like it's going to be a good fit.

Perhaps we will meet some day in the battlefield

Best of luck with all your endevors as a Hordling.
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90 Orc Warlock
Tally ho good chaps!

Good sirs, If I could indulge your interests for a moment.
This home of ours bustles with all the workings of every cog this jolly good machine contains.

Carnage is strewn and wreaked across our lands in a variety of fashions whether it be in unorthadox manners..

tram skirmishes are very enjoyable, what what

Or more of the conventional kind.
Moreover, conflict does nay have a say in the descriminitory curtiousy so drully promoted by realms of lesser quality.

Oh, you do not fancy the intrusive nature of such violence?
Fret not! There are scores upon legions of gentlemen and woman whom take it upon themselves to slaughter the more scripted adversaries.

As you can so eloquently see with your self proclaimed scholarly eyes, we have a bloody large collection of differientation.

Whether you be The calculating sort, or a stoic warrior whose eyes glaze over with intoxicating bloodlust as he cuts a swath into his enemies leaving behind a succulant trail of that, so easily parted with, life liquid.... You will find it but ease to know your place here.

*Adjusts Monocle*
*Voice deepens and resonates with a tone of grim promise*

But be warned.
Choose your path with thought.
Sfer cares not what you have sought.
If your nameplate shines crimson, blood shall be shed.
For red is dead.
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