Guild Info:
- Server: Frostmane
- Run by Kilkreth and Ârÿa (that's me!).
- Never been active but I want to change that. I hate the idea of just being in a guild to have the perks.
- Vent channel
- No experience required

Hey all! <Frostwolf Knights> is looking to become active and form our first RBG team for Season 13. We just reached level 25 during 5.1 and I actually just joined during 5.1. We haven't really been active, but I'm trying to change that, starting with PVP and moving on to PVE when we get a good core group established.

We haven't ever really been active and I'm looking to change that. We are starting with a PvP group and will move to PvE when that becomes established.

Therefore, experienced players are a welcome addition but new players shouldn't hesitate to join either. We hope to see you in game and would love to have you on our team!

I'll check this forum regularly for posts and reply to most, if not all, of them.