Power word: shield - bug or intended?

90 Tauren Druid
03/15/2013 09:21 PMPosted by Korghal
Really, i just feel like i need divine hymn

But you really don't.

I dont want to feel like i'm helpess either

Nor are you.

Disc played correctly is still very solid. Not broken like in 5.1, but still ahead of MW/Druid/Shaman and on par with Paladins. There is less DA around compared to before, but that is made up by being able to have more liberal use of PW:Shield. Spamming it 24/7 like in Wrath is not possible, but you can still do a high ammount of absorbption through good use of it. And if you really feel like PW:S 'spam' is in need because SS is on CD, you can use PI and spread some bubbles around.

thanks that last part seems really useful! this is the type of response i was looking for, simple helpful things. I'm still new and learning disc. But i guess simple snarky one liners will always come my way. Anyway, about the DH comment, i was simply saying situationally i would feel helpess, or overwhelmed if that's better wording.
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90 Undead Warlock
If you want to play Disc effectively you need to learn when damage is coming, so you can preshield. PW:S is absolutely stronger as a raid healing tool now and SS is still one of the best raid cooldowns (at least in 10 man).

And if you're really, really worried about reliability, just stack mastery. Yeah, you'll get less DA, but all your healing and shields will be buffed.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Additionally, the amount of base mastery you have just for being in Disc spec, naked, has been nerfed.

Yeah, but base mastery is lower for the same reason your overall mastery ends up lower on absorbs now. It scales less.

This all sounds nice, but lately when things go sower in a boss fight i feel like i just dont have enough oomph in an aoe type crisis. my abosrbs arn't enough and on top of that my attonement crits are doing less than the non-crits which is really screwing me over because i cant control the crits

Disc isn't a spec which can perform well if it's constantly caught with it's pants down. You need to know what is going to happen before it happens. This is true to some degree for all specs but it's huge on Disc. Personally I've found I am relying much less on PoH in such situations. Penance is an absolute monster right now. PoM and the level 90 talent choice are also strong options for these situations. Even a PW:S > applicable instants > PoH rotation for abusing BT feels like it gives better results than pure PoH in many situations (it depends ofc).

Yeah, it can be severely punishing to end up in these situations, perhaps too much so. But you have more options outside of "spam atonement or spam PoH". You have cool-downs and various other tools that can help and they should all be used appropriately.
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