Hey everyone!

I'm the guild master for Leviathan I. We're currently a leveling guild trying to build our core group for raids, arenas and rated battlegrounds at 90.

We're recruiting active players of any level and skill set who just want to have fun, learn the game and eventually raid.

The leadership of the guild has been playing since vanilla, quit at the end of Cata but has returned for MoP.

We're recruiting any class, any level, any skillset as long as you enjoy the game, aren't a jerk and are willing to help others.

We're currently Level 3, on the verge of level 4.

We're offering free guild tabards, bags, potions and enchants to new members. These aren't end game enchants or 16 slot bags. But they are enough to get you started... we're all about helping out newbie/lowbies and getting everyone to the end game so we can raid together.

If you are interested, message me (iamvirii) or my recruitment officer Caarvin to get invited.