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100 Tauren Warrior
hey im a ilv 507 tank and currently using.
ilv 497 Lao-Chin's Liquid Courage 1745 stam and 3874 mastery for 15 secs on use 60 cd.

ilv 489 Jade Warlord Figurine 1619 stam and 3595 mastery fro 15 secs on use 60 cd.

For my trinkets and pushing tot progression and wanted to know what you think about using the dps trinket from shado-pan assualt

ilv 522 Brutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault 1467 expertise and chance on hit to gain 8800 str for 15 secs.
To gain the parry that all the str would give and the dps boost. also be able to get expertise caped with out costing me much trying to gem/reforge for it. because i really dont think the tank trinket from shado-pan assault is any good. and just swaping to stam trinkets for fights that need it
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90 Human Warrior
For raw tanking, in terms of survivability, the 2 trinkets you listed will be BiS this tier until you get a stam trinket off of Lei Shin, in which place you can replace your Jade Warlord Figurine with it.

So for progression, if you're trying to live/having problems dying, use the 2 you currently are.

For fights where you don't feel you have a problem living, or Dark Animus (Matter Swap makes you and the other target take damage equal to your max hp, so you could potentially truck them with too much stamina) the Brutal Talisman you are questioning about is a very very good trinket, in terms of dps and survivability via helping with exp cap.

Normally, we as warriors would be looking into as much mastery as possible, even on trinkets. Unfortunately, there is just way too much big-hitting unblockable nukes this tier. Even though stacking mastery will make us take overall less damage than pretty much any other tank, we're in a world now where it's not about overall damage taken, but ability to live well at specific moments.

Chances are we'll return to mastery stacking, and double mastery trinkets again in 5.4 raids since we'll be able to cap critblock then, but until then, get as much stam as you can.

In short, if you need to live:
522 Soul Barrier > 497 Jadewarlord/Lao-Chin > 489 JadeWarlod/Lao-Chin > everything else.

If you need dps/can afford to lose stam:
522 Fortitude of the Zandalari > Brutal Talisman > 522 Fabled Feather > shado pan assault rep tank trinket.

You can look at me if you want a general idea of what to aim for, still using my double 489 stam trinkets far into heroics right now. Wish 1 of them was upgraded like yours.
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100 Tauren Warrior
ok thanks so much for this
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