Interacting with NPCs not working properly.


90 Troll Druid
Same problem.
This bug is quite annoying...

Hope it gets fixed soon.
Really annoying still not fixed -- neither is really slow looting
90 Night Elf Hunter
I've had the issue since 5.2. Very, very, very annoying--occasionally I want to pick up whichever NPC is doing it to me at the moment and shake them until they give me my bloody quest.
92 Draenei Paladin
Yeah my Wife and I are both having the same issue.
90 Tauren Hunter
This bug has been annoying me since 5.2 was released, but today in particular it seems really bad, playing on my Worgen Druid. Quests with a conversation component (i.e. talking to a required NPC) seem particularly bugged. I'm doing a lot of quick clicking to try to catch the dialog box before it disappears for the umpteenth time.
100 Blood Elf Hunter
Same problem and it is getting extremely annoying.
100 Tauren Druid
Same problem. Sometimes when right-clicking an NPC, nothing happens, sometimes the dialog window is visible but only briefly. The number of times it takes to get NPC dialogs to show up ranges from 1-5 generally.
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90 Human Warrior
Same here... :/
100 Blood Elf Paladin
Same problem. Sometimes when right-clicking an NPC, nothing happens, sometimes the dialog window is visible but only briefly. The number of times it takes to get NPC dialogs to show up ranges from 1-5 generally.

exactly this
90 Undead Rogue
Adding to this again.

I seem to have much more trouble in the Halfhill area than anywhere else. I've been noticing that those NPCs are getting used so much that their timing is off (don't remember the tech term for it). They take more than 3-4 clicks to get a response where other NPCs are only taking 1-2 at the moment, still not good though.

This may not sit well with some folks, but since MoP came out someone that held all the threads together must have been fired or CRZ is turning out to be a real problem for basic functionality, I am seeing issues every single day, has never been this way, and I am truly sorry to see it happening.
100 Dwarf Hunter
I have had this thread on the bug report forum for a while now but as usual no response from a blue. They seem to ignore the bug report forums. A simple "Thank you. We will look into this." would be nice.
90 Worgen Warlock
Repeatedly clicking the NPC doesn't work for me. I have to relog to be able to accept/turn in quests.

It only began a few days ago for me, however.
100 Tauren Druid
I usually have this problem, so I updated all my addons, and it stopped for now. Idk if you guys tried to reproduce this problem with all your addons off, but, when I updated my addons, this stopped for while.
100 Blood Elf Warlock
Adding my 'same' to the pile - I find it doesn't SEEM to happen if a quest is offered by a non npc - for example an inanimate object like the piece of Chancellor's statue you find around Isle of Thunder, or the table near Lore'thmar that offers you PVE or PVP option for dailies.
Some npcs will take 4 or 5 clicks to get a window to open, and some take 7 or 8 (those are really REALLY annoying)
It happens less with repair vendors but it still happens.
It also doesn't matter if there are many people around the npc or just one person (you).

I've tried accepting quests from npcs with AND without addons and its hardly any different either way. I don't think its addons.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
I wasn't going to post here, but after having to click 16 times on Lor'themar to get my daily quest I have to vent! Come on Lor'themar I thought we were friends!
100 Worgen Rogue
Still happening. Now in Darkmoon Faire. After logging in, only first click on NPC works. Thereafter, any click on an NPC with a dialogue box causes the box to appear and immediately disappear. I have tested to exhaustion and I cannot get the dialogue window to stay open. Logging out and logging in works for the first click, then the same repeats. Game was unplayable yesterday and today due to this problem. On both days lag was very high in my server (local & world>300ms, computer icon red).
90 Draenei Mage
Having this problem as well
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