How do you cope with learning how to tank

100 Dwarf Warrior
Become a badass and just improve with practice, then those people talking s%$& wont even be able to keep up. :)
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90 Draenei Paladin
Just be at peace with the knowledge you got instant dungeon queue. Let em talk crap. It's a coping mechanism for lesser beings (non-tanks), trying to deal with long queues.
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90 Human Death Knight
Doing a crapton of research helps. Knowing my class backward and forward before I do group content,
Researching the encounters before and knowing what to expect, even if I don't know just hwo it will look,
and admitting it's my first time, on the first time, and asking for advice. Sometimes people give advice, but more often the first two steps are enough.

And, Themehstick, I love your xmog.
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90 Human Paladin
To be honest in my experiences you have to be epic bad in a dungeon to get harrassed.

That has been my experience as well. I've been briefly yelled at a couple times (forgot Righteous Fury, got a little lost in a low-level dungeon I hadn't been in recently, going too fast or too slow, that sort of thing), but usually groups have been patient with me when I do mess up. I've only been kicked once while tanking on this toon, and never on my druid, and have only had to leave early a couple of times. I've added more BattleTag friends than the number of people I've had to ignore, and have had far more compliments than criticism.

If someone is constantly getting negative feedback (not just one person yelling a lot), they probably *are* doing something fairly dramatically wrong, and should address it, not just try to put people on ignore, turn off the chat window, and keep requeuing when they get kicked.
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