[H] Assassination Rogue - LF PvP/RBG Guild


What I'm looking for:
- Organized rated battleground play with a guild. Some pvp friends. Maybe 2s or 3s arena just for points, not into doing arena seriously.

What you need to know about my Rogue:
- Full PvP set. 62.73% resil, 52.50% power. iLvL473 equipped.
- Assassination spec'd for battlegrounds, but I'm proficient with Subtlety as well and have macros/bars setup for both specs.
- 483 medallion, 483 belt, 487 chest. 6 pieces of new honor malev, 2x 470 malev daggers. In the process of replacing what's left of my dreadful set.
- Engineer/Enchanter. Have shado-pan weapon recipes.
- I xmog, gotta look dangerous if you're going to play a rogue.

What you need to know about me:
- I'm an adult, over 30.
- I play almost every night of the week, later in the evenings. After 9pm Pacific most nights.
- I have vent, and a mic. I will be happy to use it.
- No drama here, I'm very relaxed. I play for fun, but I need to win. I don't know if that makes sense.
- I am capable of raiding and have done so in the past during WotLK, but I have little interest in anything besides PvP and Raid Finder these days. I do have a set of raid gear, I think it's iLvL480.

- Created this rogue at midnight on release day of vanilla wow. It's been my main, always. I have some level 20-30 alts for fun.
- Have Blood Guard title from vanilla. I've always done BGs since they first became available. I've done some hours long AVs back in the day. Those sucked, I don't care what anyone says.
- I took a break towards the end of WotLK, came back for panda express expansion December 2012. So I was behind the curve in the PvP season.
- I try to keep up on latest rogue pvp theory and meta game. I know what stat weights are, when to burst, when to pool energy, how to use defensive cooldowns, all that good !@#$.
- I use macros extensively to combine abilities into single buttons based on shift-modifiers or stance-mods.
- Random battlegrounds every day. I've only done 2 or 3 pickup games of RBGs, won one match out of those. I failed through a dozen or so arena matches in wotlk, didn't play in season12 when I reactivated because everyone was retardedly high geared compared to my crafted contender's.
- I know that getting HKs and running up damage meters means exactly jack%^-* in an objective-based pvp game. I play the objectives, always. Fight on the flag, not the road, etc. I want to play as a team.

Thanks for reading. Reply here, or find me in-game to chat.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
came back for panda express expansion December 2012

What's panda express expansion?
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100 Human Paladin
Good luck Sinemetu, I enjoyed reading that.
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Good luck Sinemetu, I enjoyed reading that.

I like your transmog.
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