Order of Blackstaff is a casual raiding and social guild that is looking to add to our roster.

We currently are a level 25 with eight guild bank tabs. We raid on Sunday and Monday nights at 6 server. Thursday nights, we get together and try to grind out the Sha and LFR. (Last week we even added Galleon to the mix!)

Currently we are a bit behind on progression (just cleared up to Elegon) on MSV. This is due to a late start on raiding.

Our guild is family friendly with a PG rated vent and guild chat. A separate vent channel is set up for those who prefer a bit more adult language.

We also are working on getting some pvp groups together and have a lot of crafters, etc... Many of us raid but it is not required.

Please contact me in game if you are interested in the guild. If you would like to have an evening to meet the people, etc then contact me about coming with our Sha/LFR night and I can add you to the list to pug you into a few heroics!