Class Hotfixes – 3/12


90 Draenei Shaman
I just wish they'd QUIT CHANGING THINGS. Seriously, it's not fun Blizzard. Not fun. Spend more time getting it right the first time and then LEAVE IT ALONE.

100 Orc Shaman
Prot Warrior buffs, not sure if needed but i'll take em.
100 Draenei Shaman

Mage: Nether Tempest, Living Bomb, Frost Bomb damage +40%.

not sure if this is serious.

PVE-wise it's understandable, but when frost bomb had to be nerfed to do 20% less dmg in pvp environment, and now you are buffing it by 40%?

Is there really no other way to balance out pve damage, because it really is not fun having something over powered as frost bomb for pvp...

I sort of wish Blizz would just declare: "Okay, yes, Frost is a PvP spec. Expect bad damage in PvE when you use it. If you don't like to go Flame or Arcane." and stop trying to balance the damage of a spec that has such absurd PvP utility around PvE DPS.

Frost Mage damage will never be why they are strong in PvP, though it is certainly a factor.
90 Orc Warlock
03/12/2013 12:22 PMPosted by Messorem

Yay i guess

You do realize that's MINUS right?

Yes I do, but warlocks get nerfed all the time so......
100 Worgen Warrior
Why does Blizzard continue to buff warriors and mages every patch... sigh.

Yes, because the prot warrior damage buff is game breaking! GAME BREAKING I SAY!!!
90 Night Elf Druid
*eats popcorn while watching everyone QQ about nerfs and buffs* none of this bothers me except for the fact that i dont have a mage in my 10 man group, maybe i should find one now that they are getting buffs again?
90 Orc Warlock
You've seen the numbers, right GC? What good explanation do you have? Warlocks were in an alright place, and mages have been dominating like always. I guess if you enjoy reinforcing the stereotype that you love nerfing one and buffing the other.
We are getting buffed WAY too much.
90 Human Monk
Glad i bought all the cloth Heirlooms, now i can bench my monk like the rest of them, GG
90 Orc Warlock
Guess it doesn't matter how hard my Corruption hits when I have to pop all my defense CD's to survive against a mage that doesn't even need to pop CD's to land kills now.

Dying in 4 seconds is worth Mage's getting to PvE how they want though...
90 Undead Death Knight
Prot Warrior buffs, not sure if needed but i'll take em.

Prot was pathetic last week. PATH E TIC
90 Pandaren Monk
wheres my monk buffs

90 Night Elf Death Knight
Woo! Hurray for DK's! But i don't see why they're buffing mages they do rediculous damage.
90 Undead Priest
You're entire balancing for this is based upon AoE RAID fights right?

Why was SW:P nerfed, our main single target spell, with a heavy mana cost if we multi-dot it, down to 93.75% of what it was in 5.1?

The reason shadow priests are GOOD at AoE fights is halo will hit 20 targets, DS will hit 20 targets, and Mind Sear will hit 20 targets, ticking 5-6x over 3 seconds.

So in order to bring down our AoE it would have made FAR more sense to lower our Mind Sear damage than it makes sense to lower all of our single target damage.

100% *25% buff = 125%
125% / 25% = 93.75%

Can shadow priests expect a buff from a blatant disreguard for our single target DPS or PvP DPS? I do realize we are NOT mages, or DK's like the two favoured classes.
90 Human Mage
I have to say my main is druid and warrior and I will have a mage for this season, when i started playing mage i thought omg this class is really good i'm toping damage in every bg since lvl 80.

mage is very well balance in pvp and we are toping pve.

but now they buff frost bomb and others 40% it's like Christmas lol

I have been playing 8 years and mage have always been at the top while every class had a down side. wonder why but since I started a mage won't complain for now lol.
90 Orc Warlock
We are getting buffed WAY too much.

Thank you. Finally an honest mage.
Okay so they buff dk and warrior tanks. Protection pallys have been lower Dps than either of them. Nothing. ? Lol
90 Dwarf Shaman
Blizzard Logic: If you can cast a totem that will tick a 10k heal while silenced that is OP.
Meanwhile Rogues Surpassed mages at being OP What should we do? BUFF MAGES. BAM 40% Frost Bomb Damage and Shamans can not throw down sticks while blanket silenced.
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