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Hello good people of Lightning's Blade!

I am Crimsonhead and I'm a warlock. As of late I am getting tired of being sat in raids because senior (but not better) locks are taking up my current guilds 10M spot. This is frustrating me since I only really want to log for raids and quests and if I can't raid, all I have is questing, which is indeed lame.

I am shopping for servers currently and I am thinking of coming to Hyjal to start anew, I have been on Executus since September 2008, I have 8 other 85s on this server (Crimsonhead is my only 90 right now) so this is a big decision for me. I have a job and work the office hours of 9-5, I will be moving soon cutting my commute to work from almost 2 hours to 20 minutes, so my raiding schedule can be more flexible.

Before I make any decision though, I just had a couple questions / comments of what I am looking for and if anyone can point me in the right direction or chime in that would be awesome.

Currently, I am at a 491 equipped 492 iLvl and am looking to find a progressing guild through Throne of Thunder. I have gone 5/6 in MSV, 5/6 in Heart of Fear (I was sat for Wind Lord, but I know the fight) and 3/4 in ToES (I know the last fight, we didn't have the appropriate DPS at the time) and have yet to do ToT. I have been raiding since BC, and have cleared Black Temple when it was relevant, SSC and TK. I raided some in LK and Cata but am trying to have more of a balanced raiding schedule for MoP.

Ideally for me, I am looking for

  • 2 - 3 raid nights a week, any additional cleanup nights are OK as well, though anything near 5 days would be a bit much.
  • Decent PvE and PvP focus, though it's not essential.
  • I am by no means looking for a "hardcore" guild, I do not want to reorganize my life for that, rather, casual being 2-3 hours per raid night is enough for me, again, I can be flexible depending on the situation (progression).
  • I don't mind wiping on content as long as I know eventually we will clear it, I want to be a part of a team, a guild that works together. I don't care about gear as much as I care about seeing content at a decent pace with people that are fun to raid with.
  • [li] I am a team player, bring my own food (and banquets), flasks, pots, and always create lock rocks / summon as needed. I show up 20 minutes early on raid nights to prepare and make sure I am ready to go.[li]

    I can't think of much else to say, if anyone finds this at all what they are looking for, send me a message in game OR reply to this, I will be checking often!

    Thank you Lightning's Blade, and I look forward to hearing some feedback!

    Take care!

    - Crimsonhead
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    100 Orc Shaman
    We don't need any more pvers
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    90 Human Rogue
    Wargy likes the fact that it's 3 horde for every 1 alliance here. With more alliance leaving every day. Sucks to be alliance here but new hordes better pvp or else..................
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    90 Pandaren Warrior
    Hello from Bleeding Hollow

    We raid 3x a week - tues/wed 715-10 and sun 7-10 est. 2/12ToT (small roadblock last week, but back on track now)

    You sound like exactly the type of player we like to roll with. We at <NC XVII> are adult raiders and real life professionals - and realize that IRL needs to come first. To that end we strive to be as efficient as possible with the max amount of effort to clear content, and push hard when its time to push. Check out our forum thread below. Don't let it overwhelm you, any competent and dedicated player will fit right in!


    Hope to hear from you soon

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    100 Orc Shaman
    Yeah, go to Bleeding Hollow
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