How many healers in your guild?

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I'm curious as to how many healers are in most guilds. Currently in mine, we really only have 3 which are in our only 10m raiding group. There's me and I always heal, our druid who only logs on to raid, and our holy paladin, who spreads his time across a bunch of alts. I also heal on our challenge mode team.

It's gotten to the point that I want to log on and be invisible on non-raid days. It's always "we need heals" for one thing or another. Farming rares, old raids, achievement runs, or requests even from other guilds to "please omg please please come heal our raid". I want to be "off" when I'm not raiding.

I even had someone I did arena with as heals threaten to 'get violent' when I didn't want to do it one week. (Reported him). Does anyone else get stuck as the go-to healer all the time? Ready to just drop raiding and hide in a corner or something.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
We have healers coming out of our ears. Six people just in my 10m group wanted to mainspec heals for MoP. Sorry :(
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90 Draenei Shaman
Very small 10man guild. 4 core members know each other IRL (grew up together, or went to college together/were college roommates).

14 raiders total

RL = swing healer (in practice he's a full time Holy priest who gets to go shadow once things are on farm; we solidly tend to 3-heal almost everything)

MT (prot pally, ret OS for questing - probably the best WoW player I know)

OT (druid, kitty dps for 1-tank fights)

myself (primary healer; I have an ele OS but I'm of far more value as a healer)

other healer (Disc priest, has a shadow spec, isn't... a raider. Loves being with the group, but we mostly get him to pew pew Atonement and use SS as best we can get him to)

-warrior with no tank OS
-DK with no tank OS
-enh shammy with resto OS who fills in on heals (without enthusiasm) if he absolutely HAS to.

then we have a few random non-raiders in the guild, one? of whom, I think, has something with a healing spec.

I love healing, so I'm usually up for it when anyone is asking in guild if there's any interest to help them do 5mans/LFR (yes, I even love healing in LFR). Sometimes I get to feeling a little pressured to help when I'm not in the mood (one dps'er in particular tends to like running pug LFDs as though they're practice runs for Challenge Mode runs... sorry, not interested in springing that crap on puggers without even asking them if they want to, or checking to see if they seem capable of handling it) but I never feel badly saying no because I volunteer to help a bunch, in general.

It's in very poor taste if a guildie applies the kind of pressure on you that you're talking about, OP. I'd quickly ditch running with that person, too; don't feel bad. Other guilds asking for help... well, I have some contacts in other guilds on my realm (I have multipl raid-worthy healers) and I run with them when I have the energy/momentum. I have no interest in burning out on the game though, especially if it'd be in part because I was devoting my efforts to groups outside of the people I choose to spend my time with (my guild).
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100 Draenei Priest
I think it may just be my server in general. I've recruited a number of people into my guild and unfortunately the only healer had to go prot when our warrior tank quit. Maybe it's just so undesirable in this expansion everyone is going dps?
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Me got a Disc, a Druid and me as only healers in our guild, and I always got DPS for 2 healing fights. We don't have other healers, but we're thinking of trying to recruit one more so I can go DPS full time and not be sad about healing ToT <.<
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98 Troll Shaman
I got some 2000+ justice badges back in early Wrath before Ulduar, entirely from 5mans. I am in a relatively very small guild .. we have struggled many weeks to get a 10man raid group on our own.

You tell me. xD

I did not mind though. :)
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90 Tauren Druid
Our guild consists of our 10 raiders and a handful of casual friends who aren't on much. We have two mainspec healers (myself and our Disc/Holy priest) with no viable offspec, and then we have our ele shaman who acts as that 3rd healer when we need one. I get a lot of requests to heal old content, bgs, etc. but I don't really mind as we only raid twice a week. Gives me something to do, at least. :)

I'm in another 10 man guild on a much lower population server and we seem to have a decent amount of healers (two with heal/dps set and three who only heal) which makes organizing pretty casual ten mans either really easy, or a real pain, depending on who is on and what they want to do.
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100 Draenei Priest
One of my old guilds I sometimes heals with is in the same spot. They had a druid who wasn't very good and a good shaman. Drama ensued and the shaman left, then the druid stopped logging on. I think they may have one dedicated healer currently.
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100 Human Priest
My guild has healers and tanks coming out of ears - we usually have to force someone to go DPS in order to make a raid happen.

We run 10-mans only. Of that, we have at least 4 people who can and are willing to heal and another 2-3 people who can step in and heal if asked. We sometimes have to have people roll in order to determine who heals for the night. Actually, I think in the core raiding group, there are only 2 dedicated DPS - a hunter and a mage. Everyone else is spec'd for tank, heal, or both, and people actively ASK to fill one of those roles.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
We have healers coming out of our ears. Six people just in my 10m group wanted to mainspec heals for MoP. Sorry :(

Emerald Dream, for late night raiding, has healers in droves. I need DPS, and when I spam I can get 6-8 healers asking if any of our normal healers can dps instead. It's just crazy how many geared healers are not raiding because it's the wee hours of the server.
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90 Human Paladin
Im in a large guild so we have tons. We only run 10 man but we have 4 raid teams so 12 counting those who are heals/dps. Plus probably a huge number of people who are not on a team currently & alts galore lol

Quite often you will have a handful of healers jumping to go do things at once lol
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100 Human Paladin
The pressure to heal is nowhere as bad as it used to be in say tbc. No lfd and everybody wanted Guild healers.

Please please heal xx attunement run, I really need to start raiding. 1 Day later please please heal exact same attunement run nobody ever runs it. Arrghh. Why don't the dps talk to each other instead of expecting healers to help them whenever the dps feels is a good time.
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12 Raiders.

3 Healers.

We're special.
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