Rate The Transmog Above You!!!!!

90 Draenei Hunter
Looking like a level 40 beast, I like it. Always though about doing a trashy greens, look like Im leveling up, transmog but haven't. 8/10
90 Human Hunter
@Jonke That's a really cool set, I've never seen any hunter's in anything similar. The eyepiece makes the set that much better too. 9/10
90 Night Elf Hunter
You're like some kind of ninja person :P i'm not a big fan of the bow model but it looks nice with the set. 9/10
@Detoxz 9/10 Really nice including the tabard. Not a fan of the bow used by alot of hunter i think the crown looks good with it.
90 Worgen Hunter
@Thurismund 10/10. I used to run that mog till i finished up this one. However, im 99% sure that you can get the same color for the boots off a boss somewhere. I forget which one.
@Thurismund 10/10. I used to run that mog till i finished up this one. However, im 99% sure that you can get the same color for the boots off a boss somewhere. I forget which one.

10/10 Awesome im working on that exact set also. I have the belt i need the bow, pants, and crown.

Wowhead says these are the only color look alike boots.
Wow, some cool mogs on here guys. Rating hunter above me which is Thurismund. Never been overly keen on Worgen but the set looks pretty dynamic - 7/10!

I particulary liked Taco's mog. The Headress of Inner Rage really goes with the rest of the outfit. 9/10 there!

My current set it:
Chief Brigadier outfit (those leggings took FOREVER to farm out of Ulduman)
Wub's Electrospike Spaulders
Ruinblaster Shotgun from Dragon Soul

Trying to decide whether or not to stick with Ruinblaster or try to farm a suitable bow replacement.

90 Draenei Hunter
I see where you're trying to go but pieces just aren't matching up too well. If you could get a good tabard to go with your shoulders it'll cover up the mistmatch between the chest piece and just bring it all together. perhaps Knight's Colors might work.

goes together well but doesn't seem all aesthetically pleasing to me. Good to see a matching set, and if it looks good to you thats what matters most though. 7/10
Edited by Jonke on 4/10/2013 3:18 PM PDT
90 Human Hunter
Looks good, not sure about the Bow tho. 8/10
90 Orc Hunter
The tabard really throws off the color scheme for me. :( Other than that, very nice! 8.5/10

And because your name has "tit" in it, 9.5/10! :D
62 Human Hunter
Set and gun model match the or build perfectly
100 Worgen Hunter

90 Night Elf Hunter
Hey, just did this in a few minutes... still need a bow and may change 1 or 2 things around. Please don't rate too harsh! Thankya <3
90 Night Elf Hunter
Also 8/10 Nice!
90 Orc Hunter
I like the concept you're going for, but the boots do look funky. And I won't even touch the bow since you know, haha. :P Otherwise, nice work! Throw on Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari to kinda make the color contrast from shoulders to chest be a little more unnoticeable with the slight change in color, and bring out the green more. 10/10, for the unique concept, mixing the two sets like that. But while the bow and boots are there, 8/10. :P
Edited by Ishk on 4/10/2013 7:39 PM PDT
90 Night Elf Hunter
Hahah thanks, couldn't find anything for the boots! Thanks for the nice response though, and yeah ill look at that tabard, :)
90 Troll Hunter
7/10, I love the ICC set helm, but it seems a bit off to me. Good concept though
100 Troll Hunter
I really like mine
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