LFG - Long time raider

90 Orc Death Knight
Who I Am:

Name’s Adam, I’m a 27 year old active duty Army soldier. Currently I live in WA, moving to Texas sometime this summer. I’ve been playing WoW off and on since Vanilla, although I essentially skipped cata as the content did not appeal to me. I’m an extremely efficiency minded player, logging in to wait on other people or in general taking forever to get a raid going, stopping before every pull to check buffs, dying for no apparent reason irk me extremely. I’m looking for a guild that allows me to log in a few prior to raid time, be at the raid, and start pulling at the mentioned raid time. I have lead guilds, I have lead raids, and I have no problems doing so again if there’s a need.

Raiding/Class Experience:


Warrior Tank – Everything up through the start of Naxx. Never did get to see that instance in it’s original form completely. The realm I played on escapes me, the guild was Edge of Aggression if someone can find that in some obscure logging site.


Fuzzy Tank: Prodigy - Kul Tiras
I went with them up through killing Vashj, and left when they wanted to skip Kael because blizz nerfed the entry requirements to BT.
Shadow Priest- Dominion - Greymane
Finished BT/MH, the guild then became <Phoenix> and we finished SWP pre nerf.

WotLK: The Establishment - Dunemaul
Shadow Priest, Warrior Tank/DPS, DK Tank/DPS, Fuzzy DPS – Whatever the need I can play them all, I’ve just sworn myself to never heal again after a brief stint in vanilla, when I realized that I’d never actually see the fight past the bars on my screen! Did everything worth noting during wrath.

Cata – Unguilded for the most part, did a few bosses with <Band of Brotherz> here, then left the xpac before I took any loot.

And here we are, from what I gather the guild I’m in isn’t exactly the raiding type, at least not the type I’m looking for.


Currently my projects are my DK and Warrior DPS. I’m looking to mainly play the warrior because their aesthetics keep me more entertained. I can play either equally well.

Warrior: Flenser
DK: Manrovien
You’ll notice they’re both being raid finder geared. While I realize that gear Is needed for DPS check fights, if your first reaction is to look at an iLevel and dismiss the player, please scoot right on by :).

Time’s I’m looking to raid:

As I said I’m military, so there’s a decent chance I’ll be held over every now and again, but my current job allows a more than fair degree of consistency.

M,T,Th,F: I can reliably be online by 9 server time.
During the week I’m not looking to put 4-5 hours into a raid. 2-3 max. Weekday raids are for clearing farm anyway.

Sat-Sun: Name the time and I can devote a large chunk to it.

All things considered 10-12 hours total in a week is all I’m looking to commit. If you don’t have the players to progress in that amount of time, I’ll keep looking or keep myself occupied with alts in LFR.

Thanks much for your consideration and I hope to see you in game!
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