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90 Worgen Hunter
Every guild I have looked up says you need to fill out our application to be able to get into our guild. So here is my application for all of you would like me to fill out an application to join your guild. I don’t want to have a million user names and passwords. I just want to join a guild on Arathor.

My Schedule times that I would be available:
Sun-Thurs any time after 9:00 pm est. (6:00pm server)
Fri and Sat any time after 12:00 pm est. (10:00am server)

Why I left my current guild: They want more geared player then I was and I like to take my time in questing, instances, raiding, etc. Don’t get me wrong it was a fun guild (Crux of Humanity – Graemyst is GM) and I was with them for over 4 years. A lot of players have just been falling off and doing other important things in life, wanted more from the guild, etc.

When did I first start playing WOW: I first started playing “WOW” when the Burning Crusade came out and my first guild I joined was a fun guild but broke up due to that some of the member promoted themselves and had disagreements in the guild. The second one was “Crux of Humanity.”

Raids I have been in: Karazhan, most of the BC raids and instances, Ice Crown Citadel, the Tournament Grounds, Ulduar, all of LK raids and instances, Catalysis (not a lot but a few), Firelands (most of them, but some I didn’t make it), Dragon Soul, and now MOP (working on instance’s but have not been in the raids as of yet). There are reason behind why I missed some things in cata. If you must know ask me. This is not the place to post why I missed. I took off almost 6 months.

Raid scoring: I don’t have any. And I won’t have any unless I join a Guild.

Representation: I get all I can get with every fraction that I can. I do miss some.

Other things: Pet Battles, work on maxing skills and professions, working on different achievements in the game. I work on things at my own pace but I enjoy the game.

About me: I am average person who enjoys playing “WOW” and I am not always up to standards has some guilds would like people to be, but I do work on getting my characters up to the standards and it might just take me a while. I would like to find a guild that is casual, fun, does things together, have guild activities, raiding, instances, not much into battlegrounds, helping each other out, NO DRAMA, and no one under a certain age (I am not sure here; 18+). They might be people to, but I would like a mature group of people. I work has a “Chef” at a local college so there might be days that I may not be able to make raids. My family life come first but there a raid going on I make sure that nothing infers. I am in my mid 40’s. I am not a hard core raider, but if I got into a raid group or team I would do my best and the best of my ability in playing my character’s.
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10 Troll Rogue
You seem nice, smart and honest.

maybe WOW isn't the game for you.

jk bump and gl!
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90 Draenei Paladin
Do you like ponies?
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100 Gnome Death Knight
@keks -- 93.1% crit - lol cracks me up everytime I look. woohoo keks!
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17 Pandaren Monk
Seek out Svjek in DestinysWAY he just put up a recruitment.
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