[A] The Haunted is 4 Yrs Old - Yay us!

90 Draenei Shaman
The Haunted is 4 years old! YAY us!

Through the years I've had the honor of being GM of this crazy fun bunch of folks!

The Haunted, Founded March 13, 2009 and we are still here! Sure, we have had our share of ups & downs - who hasn't? But in the end, we are still here and going strong as ever & having one our best years ever!

There are still a few of The Haunted's original founding members with us and throughout the years many more of you have all joined us!

Who all can remember our creation?

As one of the last and now only Guild Masters of The Haunted, I want to thank everyone for making this one of the bestest, most fun guilds on Fizzcrank for all these years. We are also one of the few last original Fizzcrank guilds with an original founder remaining, as well as one of the largest guilds on Fizzcrank. Never would I have thought that such a thing in a video game could take so much work to uphold, but I don't regret even a minute of it - I Heart you all ♥

It's been a fantastic journey so far, with more ups then the downs. We have had some guildies that have come & gone and raid & pvp teams rise & fall & rise again.

No one person makes a guild nor is a guild - I owe a special thanks to our officers, leaders, long term members that have stuck through with us through thick and thin, as well all the rest of the incredible members, past, present & future that all helped shape The Haunted into the awesome, friendly, fun guild that it is. Without you, this guild would be nothing but a name. It's more than that to me; It's a family.

I also owe a special thanks to my old officers and the original founders with me (Dharmos & Vaed) who helped set this guild up, give this guild direction and set its standard for excellence and helped mold us to be what we are today. I miss you all, and I will always cherish our memories.

Through the years, we've taken care of each other as a great family should in gearing, raiding, skilling, pvping, achievement collecting, pet & mount collecting, dueling, teaching and kindly critiquing to achieve the best out of each other while having fun at the same time.

It has been my honor and pleasure to be part of this guild as well as be part of Fizzcrank. As mildly biased as I may be, this truly is the greatest guild I've been a part of in my 7+ years or so of game time.

Over the years, many other guilds on Fizzcrank have formed & been created from our members, so The Haunted has also been a stepping stone for many people in the game & on Fizzcrank. We have helped mold many into successful raiders, pvpers, skillers, as well those that are now GMs, Officers, Raid Leaders etc of other successful great guilds.

I enjoy my time with the guild, and everyone in it. Thank you everyone for all the years of wonderful, fun times and memories!

Friends old and new, feel free to stop by our party and share a brew in celebration! We will be meeting up in Stormwind, at the base of the Mage Tower at 8:30 pm server time on March 13 (today). Throughout the rest of the week & into next week The Haunted will have various festivities, prizes & events.

It was at the base of the Mage tower on March 13, 2009 where we all grouped up & signed the guild charter, thus beginning this wonderful journey & online friendship/family we have had for the past 4 yrs. Thank you everyone! ♥

I am looking forward to the even bigger & better party next year for our 5th, as well as many great years and more memories & successes to come!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`¤...Skylä...¤ Founder / GM of The Haunted
TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More
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90 Pandaren Warrior
Wow... Huge congrats! Big achievement IMO :)
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100 Human Mage
Happy Birthday Haunted!!

Best guild I've had the pleasure of being part of. Best group of people I could hope to be in game with.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
Happy Birthday Haunted!! :) - Thank you for being the best family I've ever had.

When I had some difficulties back in the fall and left the guild, I bounced around from server to server but never really felt like I was comfortable anywhere I went. Even though the scenery was the same, it never felt "quite right". It amazed me how many guilds were out there, but none that seemed to me that actually functioned as a group, or talked, or had fun. They felt hollow and empty and that most members that were in these guilds had signed up just to get the perks only.

Some time had passed and I came back a few months later and I was welcomed back with open arms and felt like I was home again.

Thank you Guys for everything and everyone. Love You All Very Much :) Here's to 4 More Years and Many, Many More!
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100 Human Rogue
Big congrats to you guys, and seeing a big but friendly local server guild like you guys enjoying this success is certainly an inspiration to newbie up-and-coming guilds like my own. Major hats off to you. :)
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100 Undead Mage
Happy Birthday.......I will try to join the party with my pally this evening
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95 Human Paladin
Gratz to you and your guild :)
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/WOOKIEE HUG @ SKYLA (wit the funneh A) !!!!!!! YAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAAAAAY!! *falls out of chair
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90 Human Death Knight
Am I late to say Happy Birthday to this amazing guild?
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100 Human Warrior
Go Haunted!
I can't imagine being in a better guild.

Thanks Sky, you help make this game greater for us.
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90 Tauren Death Knight
Congratulations, four years is certainly an accomplishment, especially with all the drama that can befall upon a guild, and it is truly a testament to your leadership that you have not only created a successful guild but maintained it over several years. I wish you luck in the years to come, and congratulations on such an accomplishment.
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100 Night Elf Rogue
Happy you guys are still going strong after so long and also happy about the progression. who ever you guys have raid leading over there well done. Gratz <3 happy late B-day and hope you guys have some more :P
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