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90 Pandaren Monk
The morning dew hung heavy on the blades of grass as the glint of the rising sun reflected off them like a thousand needles of fury. Rackam inhaled deep of the crisp air, it had been a long time since he had felt so alive. The bodies of several "heroes" of the alliance laid strewn in various states of agony, their blood seeping into the earth, feeding the wheel of life.
"Pathetic", Rackam grunted to himself as he started to sift through their belongings. While many other factions decried corpse looting, the Obsidian Sun knew better, one grew in strength through the death, and looting, of your enemies, that which you kill makes you stronger, otherwise your dead. Rackam pulled a book out of a particularly colorfully dressed elf's rucksack entitled, "101 ways to arrange your flowers for the perfect dinner party" and, laughing to himself, shoved it into the mouth of the dead elf.
"You should have stayed at home, with your flowers", he said in a dead rumble.
Realizing that nothing of use was on the corpses Rackam stood up and gazed around with his one good eye. By all accounts it was a beautiful day, the sun was rising, birds flitted through the air, and a soft breeze caresed his face, but he knew better than to lose himself in the beauty around him, that to do so was to invite his constant ally, and enemy...death. Sure enough Rackam heard the soft, grating sound of steel being drawn behind him. Turning he saw another elf, he assumed a friend of the flamboyant one, his elf lips quivering in the rage that only a spoiled child can know.
"A day's work is never done", Rackam mumbled to himself...

The Obsidian Sun is recruiting! We are a new guild here to Venture Co and we are looking for easy going players would like to help build a tight knit guild.
-World PVP, we are going to crush the alliance in every possible way that we can, only through total victory can the horde, and Azeroth, know peace.
- PVE, we would like to be able to experience content aside from LFR, to build up a group of individuals who like to raid, but also want to have fun doing it and not have to approach it like a job.
-RP!!! Light RP elements! Be on the ground floor of what this guild will become! While the initial goal of this guild is to crush the alliance, that is not the end of our story, but only the beginning, where we will end up is anybodies guess!

I will end this here, feel free to message me in game if your interested!
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
Any person that disrupts an all elf gardening party is all right to the Rode's book. Especially if he is in a guild promoting WPVP/RP! If ya got any questions about the server or if you require any friendly guild help, hit any grins and we'll do our best!

*Rode bump!*

PS: May i call you... jack?
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90 Pandaren Monk
I would wink to ya in agreement but twould be the same as blinkin'...hahaha
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Rackam, I had hoped you would have brought me such a rare find as a book on flower arrangements. For dinner parties, even! Why, we're having a dinner party this week and my roses are woefully unaccompanied by the proper... assortment of... colorful... thing-a-ma's.... *A scarred grin ruins his mock seriousness.*

Oh well. It's nice to see we're making friends already. I'll be interested to see if any can stomach the sort of war we have in mind against that pathetic excuse for an "Alliance". I can't be the only self-diagnosed depraved psychopath amongst us, to be sure. I'd go simply mad at the thought.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Grin bump for a new Horde WPvP/RP guild :D
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