Strangers united is a lvl 25 guild on Feathermoon Looking specifically for new RPers. We we're plagued recently by inactivity but as new Guild leader I plan on stepping it up and trying to revive it. My goal is to help people who are interested in RP but too afraid to give it a try get through that boundary and eventually get though that boundary.

The guild is a mercenary like guild with Contracts to fill out, There will be Group contracts *Aka Guild events* That we will have every once in awhile to give us an excuse to meat up and RP. Thee contracts can range anywhere between assassinating a named NPC for someone to retrieving a a shipment of ale for an innkeeper.

While not Required, either the MyRoleplay or TotalRoleplay2 addons are recommended.

Eventually though a Biography WILL be required so we know that you have a general idea of who your character is. It will either need to be in one of the recommended addons, or On the guild site.

For an invite you can either PM someone in the guild, Send me a mail or post here with your character name Or register to the guild site ( The guild site is still very much under development though so anything you notice missing or can be change I would highly appreciate.