Hey folks, I am an experienced pvper who is looking to get in on a 3v3 and/or an RBG team. I PVP'd in season 12 on my warlock with friends (and still managed to top 1500). None of them are serious about rating and I want to get competitive this season so I am looking for a 3v3 team to try and climb the ladder. My highest rated experience is 1800 on my priest, but I believe skill wise I have come a long way since then. My play times are weeknights and weekends eastern timezone as I have a steady day job. I am looking for a flexible team willing to practice several nights a week. I myself am generally laid back and easy going, I am not afraid of comms and prefer a talkative/communicative team to a silent one.

Respond here or send me a mail in game if you have any interest, thanks.