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90 Night Elf Rogue
The people in the Stormwind courtyard had been waiting.

For news. For a sign. For just a sliver of word.

They heard the drakes before they saw them. The shadow of their wings eclipsed the early morning sunrise before the day had a chance to dawn. Tazeria's dark green, monstrous mount's tattered, leathery wings pushed the air onto Ytu's face as she reined the beast. Dantebree was directly behind Taz, her black drake snorting dark smoke from his nostrils. Ytu wanted to smile, but none would come to his face.

He pressed his palm onto the crown of Compenso's head and calmly said, "look up bud, Taz and Bree are here."

Comp raised his head and as he did, his eyes met Taz's. He sucked in a breath grabbing Yut's wrist, struck at the insanity he saw in their reflection.

"Ytu, you better pray that Ito made it. Look at her."

Tazeria's lavender hair was a stringy mess; her darting glance pinning each body in the courtyard. The leather on her left sleeve ripped and spinning in the wind from the dragon’s wing plus, Ytu could see her grinding her jaw. Bree's dragon was situated too close for normal comfort of rogues. Well, at least they were alive.

Two were home.
In body at least.


“TAZ!” Ogamitto screamed out her name before anyone nearby had the chance to turn to see the new arrivals.

A crazed Tazeria spun her boot heel with staggering velocity into the direction of the voice. The silver, poison drenched dagger was darting through the air before anyone could blink. Her reaction was instantaneous and deadly forced. Her exhale of breath as sharp as her marksmanship, the blade sliced a thin layer off the Worg’s right ear before it sunk to the hilt into the tree shading the four. The rogue’s chest, now heaving with gasps for air, her murderous eyes pierced that of a stunned Oga. Shaking the shell-shock off she tossed her reins to Compenso, who was now at her side.

Ytu saw her mouth move as though she had something to say but instead she bit her bottom lip until he saw blood. Tazeria then turned to walk the wide stairs to the cathedral.

“You Idiot!” ‘Bree stormed up to Oga and pushed her nose to his with a grunt before she dismissed the idea to lay him out cold for Souljaxx to clean up. She pushed past him and pulled the weapon from the tree.

“Bree?’ Blue’s voice was quiet and small, her eyes pleading with sorrow and compassion into that of Dantebree. Never once had Blue, Wynnie, or anyone for that matter ever see ‘Bree shed a tear.

But this day…this day was like none that had ever come before.

The rogue sucked in a breath that wavered with unshed tears. Large tears pooled in their corners as she silently answered Blue’s question.

“Best to just leave her alone for now. Let her settle. There is much to say. I can’t leave her alone right now; she’s not fit company for any of you; or for me for that matter. Ytu, tell Mrs. Beachnor that Swill and Taz are alive. Compenso, tend to the Drakes.”

“Bree turned to follow Tazeria into the cathedral where they would wait for the purple light from the tower.

“’Bree, please wait.” Wynnie stated softly. The rogue turned to look at the girl, realizing for the first time, how small she really was.

“Please, give this to Tazeria. We enchanted it, Blue and I. It’s meant to help her come back to us. And thank you, brave soldier, for all you have done for us.” Wynnie whispered the last, with a voice heavy with emotion.

She handed the clover wreath to Dantebree, and then turned to sit upon the bench once again.
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