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20 Pandaren Monk
I started to play WoW yesterday, I tried few class in the starting area but I will like to be an AOE healer in raid.
Im thinking to play a shaman, but I read some guide and im no longer sure if it the right class to choose
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90 Blood Elf Priest
It really depends on the type of incoming damage and mechanics of the fight- "AOE" is pretty loose, and every healer has some tools for dealing with incoming aoe damage..

Resto shaman have amazing raid utility through mana tide totem and great throughput cooldowns, but only really shine on fights that don't require too much movement and allow the raid to stack.

Paladins also have amazing raid utility and are very strong healers all around (with the exception that they are somewhat lacking for heavy movement fights)

For predictable short periods of intense damage, discipline priests are unparalleled, because they have time to stack shields on the raid.

For movement-heavy fights, resto druids are amazing healers, because they rely on instant-cast abilities.

Holy priests and mistweavers are also powerful raid healers in their own right
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90 Draenei Shaman
I'd go with either a resto druid or holy priest to be honest, as they have the largest tool kit for aoe/spread mechanics. Resto druids lack burstability(although i think the rejuve buff helped a lot) but the ability to blanket the raid with HoT's is a huge benefit, holy priests can feel a little awkward because there are certain times when you'll want to use single target chakra compared to aoe chakra, but it's pretty hard to beat the amount of burst healing holy priest cool downs provide if lightwell and divine hymn are popped at the same time(lightwell first of course then divine hymn immediately following).
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100 Blood Elf Priest
I'd go with either a resto druid or holy priest to be honest, as they have the largest tool kit for aoe/spread mechanics

This. They have the best for "aoe raid" healing. Pallis, disc priests, and shammies tend to only be able to affect certain memebers at once. for example, disc can only aoe heal (not bubble but heal) through prayer of healing, which only works for a party. likewise, shammies can drop healing rain for all raiders, but it's only in a small aoe. Holy priests have a couple of abilities like PoM, CoH, t6 talent, etc. that can heal multiple people who are far away from each other. As for resto druids, they have hots they can blanket the raid with (like shammyjake said). it makes aoe healing pretty sweet for those two.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Holy priest.
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90 Gnome Priest
I actually prefer serenity, and just using snipe heals to refresh renew, but I've gotten pretty good at refreshing everyone's renew then shakra switching to sanctuary.
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