Horde Caravan Scenario 3/22 ??

One thing I have always wanted in this game were stage coaches (like the Plagueland Quest Chain) that were attackable transportation for reward. It might be a little to wild west for this game but it has always sounded fun to me.

A small Forsaken ground troop force intercepted encrypted battle plans of the Alliance after an attack on an Alliance Caravan through Sliver Pine Forest (there were no Alliance survivors). For the time being the plans are being kept safe in the underground tomb at The Sepulcher in Sliver Pine Forest.

The Forsaken have sent request for a Horde battalion to recover the plans from The Sepulcher and transport them to Deathknell in Trisfall Glades where they will finally be reviewed and deciphered.

The world battle has long since moved on from Sliver Pine Forest and Trisfall Glades. Still the fear of ambush or full frontal attack is always on the minds of the Horde. Even more so since the Alliance must be fully aware by now that their Caravan has been attacked and the plans more than likely intercepted.

If the Horde can get their Battle Plans to Deathknell in time for the War Department to decipher them. They could deal another severe blow to the Alliances War plans.

Scenario breaks down like this:

The Horde force leaves The Sepulcher at the designated start time. They do not have to follow the roads. However, the Horde cannot fly.

The Alliance only able to camp undetected near Amber Mill will be allowed a Flying Scouting party equal to half of the entire Horde Force. The remaining Alliance force will be allowed ground mounts only. The Alliance gets to choose how to use their Flying Force. That being said as soon as the flying force engages in battle they are grounded.

The Horde has two hours to get every party member into the Deathknell Inn. If they are unable to do so the Alliance will have successfully stop the Horde from deciphering their battle plans.

Basic Rules:
Other than the Alliance Scouting Party there is no Flying.
Both Armies Start at the selected areas at the same time.
Everything Else Goes.


We could also do this in the reverse where the Alliance wants to recover (steal back) the plans and try to get them to a check point. I know I have been thinking of these on a more Horde side of things so I want to make sure I am fair and do not try to purposely give an advantage or scenario Horde Side.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Sounds like a cool idea to me, I'll be there.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
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Yay glory to the Forsaken!
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90 Night Elf Priest
I've stashed a picnic basket and supplies for the campaign in a Silverpine thicket already!
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People still interesting in attempting this on Friday?? Katrell was kind enough to ask about some CRZ interest for helping out the Horde. There is a chance it might not be a total slaughter this week.
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90 Human Death Knight
Sounds fun. Just an idea could making it more like the caravan work in the sense of having it be a longer journey with a few safe stops along the way. Kinda of like check points?
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90 Pandaren Hunter
i like the idea crz might or might not make any diffrence
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I am still planning this event for Friday. Katrell gathered some interest Horde Side over at Emerald Dream for us. I also made a post over there to see if we can strengthen the Horde Numbers above what the past few weeks have been.

7:30 to 8:00PM server time would be a good gathering time to coordinate a start.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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This has been a week from Hell. Trade show over the weekend. G/F lost her job this week, and dealing with that mess.

I am still planning on this event on Friday, I just have not been able to log in all week to try and drum up Horde numbers. Though I think some CRZ folks may show up.

Let me know if you are still interested.

Good new though PaxEast this weekend!!!!
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Last Minute Bail.

I will not be on tonight. Busy week is going to plaque me right into the weekend I guess.

Sorry Everyone. If all goes well we will be back to regularly scheduled programming next week.
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