Why are healers in such short supply?

90 Draenei Priest
I still find healing itself to be fun, but blizzard has made the game more and more unfriendly to those who prefer to remain dedicated healers.

Scenarios – Dedicated healer not required nor wanted.
Challenge Mode Dungeons - Dedicated healer not required nor wanted.
Brawler’s Guild - Dedicated healer not required nor wanted.
Dailies – Meant to be completed as DPS, painfully slow as healer.
Raids – Aggressive Enrage timers encourage raids to drop their 3rd healer on many fights.
The list goes on.

It does feel like they are pushing out true dedicated healers. It feels like Blizz just thinks no one wants to heal & it is becoming like a self-fulfilling prophecy, where they are driving the pure healers to change :(

I LOVE healing. Since vanilla I have been a healer & it is what I love and prefer. In the past I wouldn't even think about dpsing, with duel specs so available it made me try and I have found on all my healers (I have had one of every class & currently have a 90 pally, druid, monk & soon to be priest) that I just hate dpsing on them.

But this expansion has made me feel or put me in a position where I feel I have to dps. :( & if I have to dps I would rather do it on a class I enjoy dpsing on....

Dailys- on my druid I was lucky to most of the time group with my husband or only do the easy quests. The new ones would prob make me cry on her lol, my pally I do them all as holy even though it takes extra time.

Scenarios- I do them as holy still and dps lol. Just last night got into one with two healers it felt so god awful slow

Brawlers guild- eh? I am completely left out of that if I don't get a completely different set of gear (my pally is my main) & dps :(

Raids- almost every fight is 2 healed. Luckily for me they always have me healing but our team has struggled to get a third dps/heals that could do both well enough and is ok with being both. Like every healer I know is fighting to be the heals and not have to dps lol

I think another reason many ppl do not go heals is that alot of people want to be special & feel like omg I am so awesome. They top the dps meters and spam them and say look I am at/near the top I am the best! With healing it can often be thankless. People may not even notice heals at all unless something goes wrong...

But OP play what you want to play & that you find fun :) Being a healer is still nice for queue times and if u r ok with dps OS or have guildies/friends to do stuff with as dailys & alts for other stuff it is not horrid at all. I still love my healers.
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96 Undead Priest
Honestly... because people are miserable. If they stand in something and die, it's your fault. But if the run goes smoothly or you keep people alive through crazy !@#$ they never comment. So generally I'll just queue as DPS so that stuff dies quickly enough that I rarely have to heal. A PW:S + ProM + Renew is generally enough to keep a tank topped off and rolling renews or VE is usually enough to keep the party topped off.

When they complain, I link them the mechanic they stood in and the damage and healing charts.

But even then, when I keep everyone alive through the whole run and we blaze through it crazy fast... people still complain because I wasn't "healing".
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96 Undead Priest

Actually, we already know that its NOT the answer. Since, people will hop into whatever is the shortest queue (healer) and then do whatever they want (dps) instead of what they queue for. We had an entire patch (Dragon Soul) that proves this beyond any doubt at all.

Have you tried to do this lately? Most LFR groups are poised with their pitchforks at the first glimpse of a queue'd healer in a dps spec.

Nicely enough most tanks in LFD chain pull so fast and my DPS is so high that people can never do this during random 5mans.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Healing isn't as fun. For all the reasons you all have listed so I won't be redundant.
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90 Draenei Priest
On the pvp side of things that's easy to answer. Being the first one targeted, CC'd, stomped on and killed. Getting left behind in a stun while your dps runs merrily away, left solo at bases and ignored when asking for protection, getting called bad even after rushing to a FC's defense and healing until OOM and dying, oh man.

If I didn't just like pvp healing I would have said 'f this noise' ages ago.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Necro. But the reason is because being a healer is often the most thankless job. You're expected to keep people alive, no matter the cost, and if you don't, you'll be blamed for a wipe. Conversely, if you manage your cds correctly, keep people alive, pull off amazing saves and do everything but poo rainbows, you generally won't even get a "good heals"

This problem is even worse in pvp because people expect healers to be gods.
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Honestly I am still finding healing tons of fun. My one complaint as a healer at the moment is scenarios taking the place of any new 5-man content this expac, minimizing the number of things I can actually play a dedicated healer role in. :/

But I'm not finding healing itself unfun at all. Ultimately I think it does sometimes require a bit of a thicker skin than DPS, because you get attitude and unwarranted blame if you get stuck with a bad group. And as Fereveralone said, when you're pulling out all the stops to save a group from their own horrible mistakes, you rarely get thanked for it. So I imagine that turns a lot of people away from healing.

For me, those inconveniences are pretty strongly overshadowed by my enjoyment of healing, and I find it easy enough to roll my eyes at someone being a jerk and just ignore them.
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90 Draenei Paladin
The new lfr loot rules are partly to blame, and add in the "need" for a dps spec to complete daily content in a timely manner and healer pop will decline. Now if their was a off spec roll in lfr I might have kept my healer spec, but ret/prot is more uefull as the game stands right now.
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90 Undead Priest
There are many who like to point fingers at the healer when anything goes wrong.

Also, many tanks (or dps, goodness knows dps is bad about it just as often) will run ahead, around corners, pull things that weren't supposed to be pulled, stand in things, run around in a pink tutu for no reason, !@#$% about not being ressed RIGHT THAT SECOND, get up, expect full heals, run off without waiting for mana, run into a room (usually with boss) without waiting for healer, need on healer's gear, then blame healer for everything and Vote Kick.

In my opinion it is not so much as there is any class/game issue why there are less healers, simply people reasons. Especially when most people like to say 'lol healing is easy'.

Also, to some of the previous statements. Heal main spec, dps off spec, or do dailies with a friend. They've tried to make it easier to stay heals if you like heals, when healing is needed.

OS LFR rolls are incoming in 5.3, or so patch notes say, so that is not a valid reason anymore either. =P

(To whoever said Challenge modes don't encourage dedicated heals, you don't aim for gold then?)
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100 Blood Elf Priest
(To whoever said Challenge modes don't encourage dedicated heals, you don't aim for gold then?)

Actually, that's why they don't encourage dedicated healers. Gold times are easier to get witout a healer. Most of the early CM golds were 4 DPS (1-2 hybrids) and a high-DPS tank.
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90 Gnome Mage
Healers were insanely OP at the start of MOP. Everyone was playing healer then. Since 5.1 and 5.2 they have been nerfed. As stated above, healers also take a lot of skill and usually require addons. I've also had to buy a special 17 button mouse to keep up in healing.
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100 Undead Priest
Healers were insanely OP at the start of MOP. Everyone was playing healer then. Since 5.1 and 5.2 they have been nerfed. As stated above, healers also take a lot of skill and usually require addons. I've also had to buy a special 17 button mouse to keep up in healing.

Pretty much everything here is wrong.

People play *everything* at the beginning of an expansion, then they either get bored or burned out and move on. Healers are no exception.

Healers don't take any more skill than DPS or Tanks. I use less addons for Healing than I do DPS. My mouse is 4 total buttons including left click and right click.

Healers are in short supply because we have to heal people like you. That's the truth.
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100 Night Elf Druid
You can also factor in the seeming inability of the developers to balance the healing classes. When mop was released we had monks out healing by 20 - 30%. When 5.1 was released, disc priests switched with monks for the OP healer spot. Now in 5.2, it's Holy paladins turn.

When the developers can't do simple math, players get discouraged and stop playing.
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100 Goblin Shaman
My old main was a dps for about 4 years. Then, in early Cata, my old guild asked me if I minded healing on this one until they could find a healer....let's just say the hunter got retired.

Oddly, I enjoy healing better than I do dps. For some reason anymore, when I go to dps, I actually get stressed out, but when I hop on any of my healers I feel a lot more relaxed.

It's kind of hard to explain.
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