HPS Alternative - "Clutch Healing"!

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3 issues:
1) Spirit Shell/Absorbs, if the damage burst is big enough to bring people to critical, does it count as bringing them from critical to what they are in 0.0 seconds.
2) How do you measure how much time you have to bring them up. You'd have to measure exactly when the next damage event COULD hit them, and whether it would be lethal. (not just damage that does hit them)
3) You say overheal shouldn't count, but it already doesn't on meters.

Absorbs are the hardest part. The other half is that taking the raid from 80% to 100%, means that when someone takes 60% of their health in damage they are at 40% health instead of 20%. So in a lot of sitautions, raw oomph is just as good as "clutch" healing.

1) Absorbs are a weird beast, because you don't require as fast of a reaction time to use them effectively. If someone goes from 100 to 0 in 2 secs, then a normal healer would have 2 secs to react. If you have an absorb though, you can cast it anytime before the damage begins and have the same "clutch" effect. The only thing that limits you are CDs, Weakend Soul, etc.

Therefore, getting a high rating in this system using absorb effects requires prediction and timing, not typical triage and reaction time. It also shows how powerful absorbs are :P

2) You're right, you can't measure this value right after the heal goes off. Before you can calculate the value of the heal, you have to wait until the person takes further damage, so that you know how important that heal was.

This algorithm can't really calculate scores in real-time. There would need to be a lag associated with it, or it could just do its calculations after the fight is over.

3) You're right. I guess I didn't need to put that there.

In your last example, suppose that after taking 60% HP in damage, the person takes no more dmg for the rest of the fight. In that case, then the top off from 80% to 100% would have been useless.

Usually though, that top off saves them from death further down the road. So although the heal was needed, it is not quite as important at that moment as healing done on those that are about to die. It still has value though, so if you focus on these types of situations and do more net healing than everybody else, you will likely end up with a similar score.
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Good healers will always be able to tell when another healer is pulling his weight and when he is not. We can tell when a fight is raid-centric or tank-centric and thus we know which healer will perform better (or at least have more "Healing Done").

I'll give you a scenario (yes I know anecdotal evidence is anecdotal, but bear with me). My 10 man guild started raiding really late in MoP so we just started on Horridon last week. We usually run with a Holy Paladin, a Disc Priest (and a Mistweaver Monk as the third healer depending on the fight). On our Jin'rokh kill I had abut 10% more heals than the Disc Priest. Usually I'll be a little higher than him in other content too because Holy Paladins are in a good place right now, but even if I do well on a fight I'm aware that I would not be able to do it by myself.

Healing is a thankless job, dude. It really is. Sure if DPS scroll over to the healing meters and if you did particularly well on a fight they'll say "Sweet heals, man" but those words don't really mean anything; they're empty. I much prefer when a caster DPS notices me BoPing them on Garalon so they can keep DPSing through stun. Or when a melee gets aggro from adds and I Salv them. Or when a tank is trying to run through a pool and I Freedom them. Those are the things that really matter. That means leagues more to me than being top on HPS *Edited* or being on top of any meter for that matter (like "clutch healing").

tl;dr: Don't worry about meters dude. Sure they're fun to look at but if you're running with good healers they'll know your worth. If you Raid Leaders ever have questions or doubts, have them speak with your other healers.
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In a perfect 5 man heal team, everyone will do 20% of the healing (excluding the self heals by others). The game isn't perfect though. Each class has strengths on different fights. Pally's are in a good place right now, so I tend to be #1, or #2 in most fights. I've seen some fights where I've been #1 and beating the #2 guy by a FAR margin. It's not that I'm better than him, it's that the situation favored me more.

Right now, I stack a lot of absorbs, which effectively "pre-snipes" a lot of their heals, especially in older LFR's. If I played a little more "reactively" the gap would narrow. But here's the deal, those other player's can do things I'm just not capable of. If I'm on GCD and someone is taking lot's of damage fast, those 4 other guys can get him back up while I'm pounding EF and praying.

Healing is a team sport. We don't have star players. We might have the occasional slacker, but they just don't last long. It's just not the right mentality for the role.
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"Clutch healing" is good in theory, but impractical in nearly all situations. And by "impractical" I mean that it would be nearly impossible to quantify in a reasonable and useful amount of time.
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I don't care who has more HPS, overall healing, or healing for the current fight. As long as I don't see a DK with more healing than a healer we're good. And as long as we don't wipe during a fight and I notice one healer isn't even doing 1/8 of the healing as everyone else.

HPS isn't the best way to measure, and neither is healing done for the fight. But I think in the end if you subtract Overhealing done from healing done during a certain fight you get a good estimate as to who's doing their job right. And if I see a healer who has full mana during a period of high damage and they just stand there and don't do anything while meanwhile everyone is dying around them as the rest of the healers struggle to catch up and keep from going OOM, then there's a problem with said lazy healer.
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90 Tauren Druid
03/25/2013 03:07 AMPosted by Aleaina
As long as I don't see a DK with more healing than a healer we're good.

Is it okay for prot pals and brewmasters, though?

Side note: Tortos bat tanks can be at the top of some healing meters because of Drain the Weak.
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