Dark Clan of Fenris

100 Undead Warlock
We are an active level 25 guild. currently rbging 4 nights a week and have a few going during the day sporadically. we are a guild you can make your home. (so if you are looking for drama you will not find it here) we also do many other things in game such as world pvp, dailies, arena, pal around, hang out, rp, pve and anything else in game you can name, Our main focus is pvp. We have a wide variety of people in the guild with a good family atmosphere :) This is a mature guild with lots of friendly/helpful people. we have been around since 09. we do have an rp them and welcome rpers and non rpers a like. we have 3 guild leaders Loxosceles, Alorsbull, and myself. you can find us in game most of the time. if you would like to find out more about us just /who fenris or shoot an in game mail to me or a pm. We have strong ties to the ve co community and if we are not the right fit for you we can point you in the right direction.

P.S. also looking for a gaurdian fc for rbgs and a boomkin
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
I've been in alot of guilds where sometimes drama just oozes from the guild chat and I can honestly say that DCOF truly is a mature environment. Drama and stress free home.
It's just about fun.
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100 Tauren Death Knight
Brave brothers and sisters in arms. The Dark Clan have my support even if I don't wear their tabard.
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90 Human Death Knight
Ill give the clan a thumbs up. Good Horde guild, good standards, good people, admirable warriors.
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90 Tauren Druid
Are you trying to covertly replace me?
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100 Tauren Shaman
Add a chorus of tauren voices to those singing the praises of Dark Clan.

Thunderhoof is proud to call you friends.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Nimithriel wandered the streets of Orgrimmar with a stack of recruitment flyers. A small hammer hung from her belt as she made her way through the Valley of Strength. The priestess stopped before a command board, gazing briefly at the notes pinned to the wood, fluttering in the dry Durotar wind like fragile butterflies. She quickly cleared the center, crumpling the Warchief's orders and tossing them to the ground, then loudly began hammering one of the parchments advertising the Dark Clan of Fenris to the board. The muffled whispers behind grew louder as the citizens of the Orcish capital began gathering around her, attracted by the noise.
"Hey you! What do you think you're doing?" The anger in the approaching guard's voice was clearly noted and the Sin'dorei slowly backed away from the board, admiring her work. The Orgrimmar Grunt shoved his way through the large audience around her, the unmistakeable sound of his axe following his disagreeable smell.
Nimithriel's lips curled in a wicked grin, as the shadows around her converged over her small frame. The enormous brute now stood behind her, ready to strike. She slowly turned around, pausing briefly to smile at the orc, her eyes glowing a deep violet, then her face twisted grotesquely. The crowd watched in horror as the Grunt's high pitched screams filled the air. The armored guard ran for his life, never looking back. The priestess regained her composure, smiling pleasantly at the citizens. The gathering parted as she made her way through it. Nimithriel's smile turned into a grin, as she melted in the shadows.


Bumpity bump from me! My time with the Dark Clan of Fenris has been brief, but over the years I've gotten to know them on the battlefield as well as off it. Whether you're looking for PvP or RP, you will find both within this wonderful guild. Hell, I'll even run the occasional raid with ya! >:D
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100 Undead Warlock
tis true i have seen it
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100 Undead Warlock
of course not but we need someone fill the slot when you are to busy to play with us
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
The dark clan of Fenris has been around since the early days of this server. People complained about down time, the dark clan persevere and made events. People said there is no decent pvp guilds, the dark clan reach the top of the charts within days of that statement. People said that there is no friendly helping people in veco, but then the dark clan helped the lesser guilds with RBG invites, RP and even Wpvp.

And now... people say nothing. Not because the dark clan is nothing, on the contrary, it's everything. They say nothing because the dark clan of fenris needs no words to be described. They are the best this server can offer and they earn the respect of every clan thanks to the goodwill of the officers, the clan members who RP and pvp and the very encouragement and leadership of Visadaria.

This elf... no... the Blacktooth grin and all the horde guilds most definitely bumps this thread and encourage anyone who wants to win to join their ranks.

Fall before the dark clan!
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100 Tauren Hunter
Horns up for the Dark Clan!
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
I really like this guild the people are really nice and i have tons of fun playing with them. the guild leaders and members all take their time to help this little hunter out. If you are looking for a place to slay the alliance on a daily basis in arenas bgs rbgs or out in the world this is a good place for it :). we also do many other things together. No one gets left out or left behind Visa is an awesome gm. THUMBS UP!!! I <3 dcof
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81 Blood Elf Warlock
Varlonde yawned as he circled his immobilized prey. His arms were broken. His fur was burnt to a crisp. What's worse, the imps were having a ball tossing his legs back and forth, if only to taunt the beast in front of his only working eye. Varlonde called off the imps with a growl and sat cross legged in front of what was left of the barely breathing Worgen.

“You know, it didn’t have to be this way. But you just had to stick your snout where it didn’t belong, didn't you?”

The beast attempted a chuckle but instead coughed blood on the Warlock's knee. Varlonde grabbed the beast by the jaw and glared into its open eye. What was once red and filled with rage was now lifeless and dull, with a slight shade of green, care of the dark skies of Shadowmoon. Varlonde’s left eye began to flicker violet and he smiled.

“I’m almost ready...”

A dark figure appeared from the shadows behind him and sighed as she crossed her arms. Varlonde cringed as he stood and turned to face the woman.

“Ready? You’re wasssting your time with this dog. You truly think you ssstand a chance againssst her?”

She winked at him as a raven formed from the purple smoke flowing from her fingertips. It cawed as it flew towards him only to be batted to the ground. Varlonde rolled his eyes with a sigh and tightened his gloves.

“Once I get my strength back, I’ll see her. Despite your wishes, I’m not looking for war. She’ll understand. You know nothing about her. Her misguided rage will pass.”

The woman laughed at him as she stepped back into the shadows, taking the raven with her. Varlonde clenched his fists as her laugh echoed through his mind. He turned around and kneeled before the beast, its eye now barely open.

"If I was anything like her, I'd keep you alive as my play thing for awhile longer."

He patted the worgen's cheek and chuckled grimly as his eye flickered violet once more.

“Oh, how I wish you could stick around for the reunion…but your story ends here.”

Varlonde’s laughter echoed throughout Shadowmoon. The worgen let out a final faint roar.

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100 Undead Priest
In my 100% completely unbiased opinion.. I have to say this guild is definitely awesome. If you're looking for an extremely active, lively, well-rounded pvp guild on VeCo Horde.. you won't find a better guild than Dark Clan.
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100 Undead Warlock
Thanks for all the bumps and well wishes guys and gals :)
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Yes...a few of these blasted undead and their "allies" (I use the term loosely as I am not at all sure anyone other than other walking corpses truly ARE their allies) were defending the Sunreaver Onslaught against me last night...thank the Light for Glyph of Righteous Retreat.
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100 Undead Warlock
dear little pali i believe we have several friends of each race :) and you were in a pvp zone :) we accept all here in DCOF we have very good friends from several guilds in the Dread Horde, all over ve co and many cross realm friends. do not be afraid we only look slightly scary
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100 Undead Warlock
Several of us hang out there and defend it
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81 Blood Elf Warlock
((Slow day at work = another fun RP bump))

"She looks so calm. It would be a shame to approach her now." Varlonde thought as he watched her call her drake.

He had been watching the priest closely for a few weeks, biding his time, waiting for the right time to show himself. The trouble was, she was never alone. No matter where she went. New faces. He had no business with them, he just needed her alone.

"You're wasssting too much time."

Varlonde sighed and shook his head as the woman stepped out of the shadows behind him as she always did. She put her hand on his shoulder only to be rejected as he stepped away from her. Where ever he went, she would follow. Even as he stepped away, she skipped towards him and leaned on his shoulder, crossing her arms.

"She'll never accept you. Not now. Not after what you've done."

Varlonde shrugged her off once again and snapped his fingers, as if mimicking a ticking clock. With each snap, his eye flickered violet. He stopped and grinned at the woman.

"Time is ticking. With each passing second, her internal hate for me grows. She has to know the truth before it's too late. When she does, she'll understand. If she doesn't, I'll leave her be like I did before. The difference now is my conscience will be clean."

The drake roared in the distance and he turned to watch it take off with the priest.

"Perhapsss I'll pay her another visssit?"

Varlonde growled as he turned back to the woman only to see her wink before stepping back into shadow. He closed his eyes for a moment and hummed a dark tune, calming his nerves with each note. He stopped abruptly as he heard movement in the trees not far away. He quickly took off, looking back for a moment to see 2 Sin'dorei standing tall where he just was. It was a sign he was running out of time. He had to make his move soon.

He was being hunted.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Nimithriel stood proudly before the gates of Quel'thalas. The eerie atmosphere of the Ghostlands surrounded her and the Sin'dorei accompanying her. Ahead, the sickening stench of the Eastern Plaguelands seeped through the mountain pass. Those were old Farstrider grounds. The priestess knew that one wrong turn could cost them their lives, yet said nothing as she slowly proceeded down the abandoned road. No one ventured in these lands anymore. The plague had wiped the last signs of life, leaving remnants of decomposed wildlife behind.
Her companions followed closely, the sound of plated armor giving up their position. She could sense the frustration in the warrior's voice, as he replied to the death knight's taunts with single word answers. The tension between them had grown further, as Faust boldly mocked Acrisios' loyalty to the Council.
Their constant bickering tested Nimithriel's patience. She had remained silent for most of the trip, her thoughts returning to the events of the days past. The Council had spared her life, as well as that of the death knight, yet she wondered what hidden agenda brought upon such a decision.
Darkness slowly crept through the mountain pass and brought with it the stench of death. The sound of creatures unseen echoed through the air as day slowly gave way to night. The shadows of trees devoid of life grew longer as the last rays of sun caressed the high rocks on each side of the road. The wind's cool breath chilled Nimithriel's cheeks and she shivered, wrapping her cloak tightly around her shoulders. It was not the frigid air that bothered her. It was the eyes upon her back, whose presence she inevitably felt over the past days, that troubled her thoughts. Acrisios and Faust were oblivious to their surroundings, too busy arguing among each other to notice the intrusive presence.
The clanking of armor grew louder and the warrior's hawkstrider hurried by her side. His demanding presence annoyed the priestess, but she was left little choice when leaving the city.
"We must set camp immediately, the day is long gone!" Acrisios' face remained stern as he blocked Nim's path.
"What a terrible idea!" She exclaimed, eyeing the road behind him. The death knight stopped beside her, a wide grin on his face.
"Do not be afraid of the dark, my friend. It does not suit a son of Silvermoon to cower in the face of darkness!" Faust could not resist a jab at Acrisios' pride. His unearthly laughter echoed through the night. The warrior eyed his undead comrade with disgust, then turned back to Nimithriel:
"This is an order!" he commanded, his gaze shifting between the two before him. "I am sure the Council would not take kindly to your disobedience!"
"The lands under your jurisdiction" Faust motioned back towards the Thalassian gates "end there!" as his lips curled in a victorious grin. Angered by such audacity, Acrisios quickly drew his blade, and jumped off his hawkstrider.
"I have permission to put you back in the grave at the first sign of insubordination!"
The death knight needed no invitation! He swiftly jumped off his deathcharger, swinging his unholy sword at the warrior. The two blood elves charged at each other before Nimithriel could react. She knew that their position in Thalassian Pass left them exposed to attacks. The priestess muttered an ancient spell as the shadows of the surround trees quickly crept to the fighting Sin'dorei. Faust and Acrisios looked down in surprise as void tendrils shot out of the ground beneath them, wrapping tightly around their bodies and immobilizing them.
"Enough!" She spoke in quiet resolve, then led her horse to a small cleared area off the road. "We leave first thing in the morning!" She nodded at the blood elves, as the tendrils released them, then beckoned them over. They led their mounts to the small rocky area and began unpacking in silence.
Nimithriel gently whispered to her horse, unable to shake the feeling of the piercing eyes that haunted her for the past few days. Something lurked in the once familiar Shadows. Something dark and relentless. The sound of cawing startled the priestess and her eyes quickly searched for its source. On a branch above her, a dark raven met her gaze, then quickly disappeared into the night.
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