Band of Brotherz is currently recruiting anyone wanting a good home. We currently have 1 raid team and a few pvpers.

We are looking for good players for subs into the raid or eventually a second raid team that can listen take constructive criticism well and have current raiding experience. Currently we require atleast a 490 ilvl for raids.

If raiding isnt your thing thats ok too we have a few pvpers that would welcome more people to BG Arena Rbg with.

If all your looking for is a social home to do dailies or what ever thats fine too.

Atm any one is welcome we are trying to repopulate the guild. We have been around since classic and are technically the oldest guild still on the server.

If you are interested whisper Sports, Magnuspdp, Mangusbubble, Astaldo, Ifly or do a /who band of brotherz and ask if an officer is on.