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I hope a mtv at least will post here. Would it be worth it to bliz to make a live streaming version of WoW?

People dont say its not possible. It is I have play many MMORPGs that have graphics the same as WoW if not better. that are lived streamed.

I know WoW would have to rewrite literally everything, but what would be the pros for it. I think new players would come. I know it would be difficult to keep up with data leaks and all the fun problems that can come from streaming onling 3d games.

Would it be better for WoW to let a 3rd party streaming program do it for them? I feel like there would be many problems with a 3rd party. Firstly it not being WoW.

You are not keeping up with tech and trend if you let a third party beat you guys in this. Look I want WoW to always be the best and have the best. However in this sence you guys are loosing, that other game TERA, has a streaming version. (thou i think it is like only 30 mins)
Maybe do something like that have a time limit on LS(live streaming) or something like that.
Blizz please rise to the challenge If you are doing so let us know. If you need funding make a new buyable pet or maybe some sort of low lvl PvE gear shop. (not over powering gear shop. that would ruin PvE. Do not have PvP it would devastate PvP)

I have followed Bliz since i was 6 playing warcraft 2. You guys have been in most of my life (im 19) and you guys are like family. Sometime family need to kick each others butts into gear for them. So *kicks blizzards ceos, graphics tream, lore team, tech support, account suport, ect* I am sure there are alot of people who would be willing to help. I dont know how we could help, but it still there.

In putting this forum up iknow there may be alot of critasism (sorry for spelling lol) But im hopeing that thier will be alot of positive feedback. If possible have some big boys in blizz inc. come to us and fill us in. Even if it is a debate in the community let us know.

In a way this is just a little boys dream. But dreams do come true;p
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