Prot Warrior LF Weekend Raiding Guild (H)

90 Orc Warrior
I know our server is very low pop and I don't really see anyone recruiting for anything in trade, (I assume mostly it sounds like a pointless endeavor) but I figured I'd try anyway. I love this server. ;)

I've raided in the past, mostly in cata because that's when I started to play a lot more. Then that guild fell apart and I've been in <Seriously Casual> ever since. Don't get me wrong, I love this guild and it has a lot of awesome people in it that I'm friends with, but I want to raid again and I just can't see that happening here. I can raid on weekends (preferrably after 7pm or so until however late you want, but on Sunday's I have to go at around 10 or 10:15) and I want to tank. I know I'm not the best geared, but I assure you I can do well. At the moment I haven't really geared up my dps spec, but I've been spending my LFR rolls gearing up tank spec, since that is my main. I'll gear my dps spec once I get a raiding guild. If you have any suggestions about enchants or gems, or things that I do wrong on a boss fight, or rotations, or just anything, tell me! I'm willing to get better in any way I can (*cough* although I like to think of myself as pretty good). :)

I've just been so bored since MoP came out. I've gotten to experience everything, but I miss the challenge of progressing through new raids, and I feel like I'm missing that even more with 5.2.

Also, I love to help people out when I'm not too busy. I help my guildies whenever I can. :D
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100 Goblin Priest
andorhal isn't "very low pop" as it may seem. we're actually middle of the pack. there are a LOT of realms lower than ours.

i'm sure there's a guild who will take you on, just stick with it. our guild deals with the population and auction house just fine, you guys can too :)
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90 Orc Warrior
I know, and I will ;)
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90 Dwarf Priest
andorhal isn't "very low pop" as it may seem. we're actually middle of the pack. there are a LOT of realms lower than ours.

If I'm reading wowprogress correctly, there are probably less than a dozen servers with lower pops than Andorhal.

At least this dude is Horde. Alliance on Andorhal is depressing.
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