10m vs 25m content..

90 Orc Death Knight
Is it me or does 10 man content seem to be much more difficult than 25 man content? I have multiple raiders that are in 25 man guilds that have cleared the first 7 with ease this past week. However when going in to raid this Friday after watching live streams, setting up Weak Auras generally knowing most of the fights in and out we found a lot of the mechanics were hard to deal with as a 10 man group if the classes we not stacked right. What do you all think? Is 10 man content harder to deal with then 25 man? What are your thoughts?
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92 Pandaren Shaman
Ups and down to both, 25 has more cooldowns and interrupts, but then again 25 people need to do mechanics. !@#$ Durumus maze with 25 people.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
The 10 v 25 s always a sure way to piss off lots of people and not get anywhere in a discussion. There are always bosses that are harder on 10, always bosses that are harder on 25. Logistics are easier on 10, harder on 25. Comp is easier on 25, harder on 10. Class stacking easier on 25, harder on 10. DPS checks (true straight up dps checks like Baelroc 25 pre nerf) are usually tighter on 25. It's got it's ups and downs, ever tier.

This thread will probably do very little other than starting a fight between two groups of people trying to legitimize their raiding like it really matters, then flame war and LOL10MAN/LALW3BATTLEREZ25MANCARRY will ensue.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Depends on the boss, currently I would say this tier is slighty harder on 25 man but it reall all comes down to the players. Theres always something you can do to make a boss easier.

If you are stuck on a boss, and need any help let me know.
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91 Tauren Druid
Certain bosses are more difficult in 25 as well as 10. There both hard to balance but the difficulty level is very similar. In my experience its easier to carry people in 25 man opposed to 10 man. But if all players are equally skilled in both 10 and 25 man. I would say its relatively the same level of difficulty.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
10 man is harder from a pure execution standpoint- and it should be, because in a 10m I could just play 9 other characters. In contrast, coordinating 24 other people is like herding cats. it's a !@#$ing nightmare.

There will always be the aberration when something is much harder/easier b/c the fight just wasn't designed to handle both sizes of the encounter, but for the most part the above rule applies.

10 mans also get the short end of the stick with loot drops, plus 2-3 gquits -> 20-30% of your roster needs to be replaced. However, 25mans are always plagued with 3-4 retarded mother%^-*ers that you want to just kill irl.

This game is terrible either way.
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90 Dwarf Warrior
best raiding was 40man
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
25s Usually have more girls to hit on too
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90 Troll Shaman
I love when Korlic hits on me
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100 Troll Rogue
seems easier to recover on 25m.. if someone messes up odd are your gonna have a ton more battle resses in 25m then 10m
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
There is also more coordination needed in 25 man. Again each group has there strengths and weaknesses. There truly is no way of balancing the two. If you are having issues on certain fights Id suggest looking for more detail in strategy or how individual players are performing. Other groups may progress quicker with ease because of multiple reasons. None of which have to do with 10 man difficulty being over-tuned compared to 25 man. This all goes for normal modes. I'm not sure how heroic mode 10 man is tuned as of right now.
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