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03/13/2013 09:04 AMPosted by Nethaera
The problem is these interviews tend to be nothing but fluff and never address any real serious game issues.

The problem is, what is of interest/serious to you, may not be to others and vice versa. We know full well we won't address everything for everyone in the limited time we can. We're in this for the long haul though and don't simply believe that just because we do an interview or two (though it's been more than that) that we're going to answer everything everyone wants to know. It's just not possible. Even when we do provide answers, that's no guarantee that everyone will like the answers.

True, and Twizzcast may catch heat (they already have preemptively here) for not asking the 'hard questions'. edit: I don't mean they won't, I mean that Neth is right that they may not agree with what you think is important.

When we interviewed Dave Kosak and Cory Stockton, we asked for questions in several community sites (granted, not in these forums)...most of what we got in response weren't relevant to those two (they were more Ghostcrawler type of questions). Some folks, I'm sure, thought our conversation was 'fluff' and had no substance. That doesn't change the fact that we asked, got little/no feedback, filtered out the questions that weren't relevant, and went with what we had. (edit: I even asked in LFR a few times. The most common response was "nobody cares what you ask them" - that was saddening, to be honest, when I'm pretty sure plenty do care).

It also doesn't change the fact the devs don't have to do these interviews. They're doing them in order to better facilitate dialog/communication with the community. What other game company has this sort of interaction with their players?
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I know this thread is long already but I just wanted to say that this expansion is my favorite so far and this is coming from someone that has been playing since 2005.

It's because of events like this and the incredible amount of feedback we have been given in the past few months.

Thanks for all the hard work
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I know this thread is long already but I just wanted to say that this expansion is my favorite so far and this is coming from someone that has been playing since 2005.

It's because of events like this and the incredible amount of feedback we have been given in the past few months.

Thanks for all the hard work

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I am loving this expansion, I'm equally loving all of the information coming out of twitter/interviews/ect these gives me something to be excited about when I'm stuck at work not playing the game.

Some people are never happy, I find it surprising that when Blizz decides to be more involved and give more info, people are complaining about the avenue that it is given.

Keep up the good work Blizz, don't let the vocal minority weigh you down.
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I sure hope one of the MVPs posts a transcript on the blizz site like last time.
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Will he give us answers concerning certain class changes?
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Hello folks,

I just want to chime in about a few things. I have seen a lot of insinuation that the podcast's who get interviews with the Devs don't ask the important questions. I want to sat categorically that you are wrong. When All Things Azeroth interviewed Greg, we asked about issues that we saw in the community as being common issues. What Greg himself said they have internally dubbed the 'Fail Bag' was one of those questions. I know for some that wasn't a question they cared about, but the uptick of the use of that term when talking about those bags obtained when you get no loot in LFR tells me that people were, and still are interested in an answer and solution to that.

Did we ask about x spec, or y class? Nope, because that only serves a small fraction of the playerbase. If you ask about, for instance, Monks, then the other classes we don't talk about get mad that we aren't representing their interests. Preparing for an interview is a matter of making sure you are asking the questions that will most serve the community as a whole. Blizzard has never asked us in advance for questions, though I know back when I was at WoW Radio they did ask for questions in advance. Blizzard as a company has progressed, and evolved, as Rho mentioned, and we as a community should be VERY happy about that. We have a Community team for WoW that is more open, more communicative, and more useful than we ever have before, and I for one am very happy to see this.

Now, when we were gathering questions for our interview, we did not have a post by a CM asking for questions, and I doubt any show or site would turn such an opportunity down, but I feel the topic of this post has become derailed with 'why not x, y, or z show!' arguments that, while they are great for the future, don't help in the present. I think I can reasonably state that the community team has heard all of the feedback in this thread, and will be working to be more even across the board in the next round of interviews. Now, if I can ask, let's all try and help make this live dev interview, no matter who is doing it and your feelings about them, the best it can be so we can get the best questions and answers possible, ok?

Medros of All Things Azeroth
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Hey, I'm from Ask Mr. Robot and wanted to offer some extra support for the podcasts as well. I try to listen to a few episodes from different podcasts each week, but it's hard to keep up, ha! There are so many great podcasts covering fun and important topics.

Ask Mr. Robot is a tool, we don't make content. But we have a lot of people who visit our site, so we like to point them to great content. I have a promo spot where I do this (you often see a Mr. Robot chat bubble). We recently pointed people to Alludra's pet podcast covering the 20 new pets you can get in 5.2. Today we're promoting Twizzcast.

Email me if you have a fun topic and we'll promote your show as well. feedback -at- askmrrobot dotizzle com (punctuation removed to avoid crawlers). Be sure to let me know the date and time as well as the topic. Also, feel free to email me today and introduce yourself.

Here are some example promos:
Alludra & Kephas:

This offer extends to any cool community content too, not just podcasts.
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Quite a few people have commented and questioned whether or not the "hard" topics will be discussed in this interview...I'm wondering the same thing to be honest, and I think most of the pvp community is too.

There have been several BIG issues with pvp that were extremely slow to be dealt with or not dealt with at all. Specifically - Win trading and bots.

Win traders still got their titles and T2 weapons and the number of bots in BGs is completely out of control, I will say that I'm really thankful that Blizz is finally showing that they care about the pvp community by removing the /follow feature from bgs. I am very worried though that the only reason they did that was to pull the wool over our eyes and make us think they are going to be doing more.

I know its hard and I have a lot of respect for the blues that do post in the PvP forums because 9 out of 10 posts in there are people crying and complaining. I really don't want this to come off as a whinny post but those are two issues that I feel we deserve to know more about.
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This is just a reminder that TwizzCast will be live with Greg Street at 6:30 p.m. PDT tonight. Tune in here:

And that's not all on my agenda for Greg this week! Interviews with and Call to Auction are coming soon. :)
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And that's not all on my agenda for Greg this week! Interviews with and Call to Auction are coming soon. :)

Just keep him busy so he doesn't nerf warriors.
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For those that missed the live broadcast, this episode of TwizzCast will be available in the coming days here:
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