When did Holy Paladins become Disc Priests?

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Whats a buff?
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Whats a buff?

Well...I remember back in mid-t11 when they buffed every single one of your spells by...what was it, 25%? Something insane.

And then you were still the weakest spec.

I suspect they could do the same thing now. Of course, it would be better if they actually fixed the structural problems.
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I suspect they could do the same thing now. Of course, it would be better if they actually fixed the structural problems.

You're talking madness. I mean, if they'd fixed the structural problems with Disc (like we asked for) instead of giving us across-the-board buffs, then we wouldn't have been so OP!
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03/13/2013 02:10 PMPosted by Poena
News FLASH. DIVINE AEGIS ISN'T A SPELL. Disc Priests don't cast Divine Aegis. What happened with that again?

Except Divine Aegis wasn't changed primarily because PoH was seeing such heavy use. PoH was seeing such heavy use due to a combination of SS being too strong/scaling too well and DA on PoH being too strong/scaling too well. The root problem wasn't PoH getting used too much. The root problem was Discipline output was too high in both areas. It's clear the changes from 5.1 to 5.2 were primarily aimed at bringing this output down.

How does this relate to Paladins and IH? Well, unless it's causing Paladin output to be too high it really doesn't matter. It's a non-issue unless the developers see eye to eye with the following quote...

Like I said, I don't mind it. It makes my job easier with three holy paladins in the raid group, I just found it odd since, in my mind, disc priests were the absorb healers and paladins were the "BOMB THEM WITH GOLDEN SHINY LIGHT NOW!" healers.

And if the developers see eye to eye with this quote it's not a balancing problem. It's more of a "This is how we think each spec should feel/play and what we're seeing doesn't line up with that" problem.

Our new claim to fame is !@#$ty DPS and healing?
You do realize monks can also DPS to heal and they put us to SHAME with their DPS output?
Here is our Tortos kill from last week...

Take a look at Facepuncher and at me. He's doing nearly 100k vs. my ~27k. Yes this is only with AoE packs, but it is still incredibly powerful. Single target he does competitive DPS with me and competitive healing.

Doesn't seem like much of a thing to be proud of.

Did you seriously 8 heal that fight? And Tortos is a horrible example to use for supporting your point by the way.
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