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Alright, as the title implies I am looking for information about this realm, the guilds on it, the attitudes of people, and the community of this server. I am looking for as much info as possible as I am looking to transfer from my current server. I don't get that feeling of community from my guild nor my server. It is also a low pop server and as we all know, World of Warcraft is a social game. I am looking for a server that either has 1:1 ratio or Horde dominated as I am unwilling to go Alliance.

A little personal history on me: I have played this game since early BC days and have always enjoyed all aspects of this game. I am currently only 4/6 MSV normal because of a personal break I needed to take after getting a new job and house. I'm 27 years old, married, with 2 children, have a full time job, am a full time student, and WoW addict.

What I am looking for: Drama free guild centered around community and friendship. I seek the guild that is tight knit but also has a plethora of things to occupy members with. I do enjoy raiding, dailies, old content, pet battles, and am working on some PVP aspects of the game. I am by no means hardcore or an elitist but that doesn't mean I enjoy wiping due to dumb mistakes or carelessness. My schedule is somewhat flexible but I would prefer to only raid 2 nights a week between 6-9 with every other Tuesday being off limits due to meetings at work.

As previously stated, I am looking for any and all information related to this server, the economy, the guilds, the people, and the community on this server. If you have any questions for me please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks :D
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Well The ratio is about 1:1, and there is activity on both sides of the fence. Economy is stable and fair, and there is just the regular WoW community. Honestly, maybe create a level 1 and check out the action. I'd offer my guild for a home but since you don't want to play with the cool kids... ;)
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LoL thank you for the info. I plan to make a toon on Sen'jin and check out the realm. It's not that I am completely against going Alliance, it's just my wallet will not give me $55 for server transfer and faction change...plus my wife would eat what little bit of soul I have left lol
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