Happy Pi Day!

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Is there no one else who trepanned themselves with a power drill in a dirty bathroom in a New York subway tunnel for the celebration? I feel all alone here in this effort. It wasn't easy, the battery for my Black and Decker was only half charged. And then there was the matter of which bit to use. And I wonder why I feel all alone...

...while feeling amazing at the same time?! It is almost like I understand and can do a Fibonacci series in my mind. I am sure the bleeding will stop soon. Oh look, a rat has decided to help me look at my post.

I love trepanation... odd that the spell-checker doesn't know that word, considering the community... I have to lie down now. Twenty-two divided by seven...
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The true pi day doesn't occur for 3913 years.
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In my school we celebrate pi day hardcore style. There are pie eating contests, a pie sale, a contest for how many digits of pi you know (I think the record was like 237 or something), and the math department sells pi T-shirts and hides pi symbols around the school (if you find one you get a free T-shirt). It's awesome!

I just felt like sharing my pi day experience :3
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I memorized the first 64 digits, but I have yet to find a decent use for this knowledge.


My child was made to memorize a large chunk of Pi at a very early age (pre-kindergarten). She claims that the practice made it easy for her to quickly memorize long sequences of random numbers later at university. She takes about the same time as most people to memorize long sequences of random words, however.

And what use is all this, you ask? It helps in passing exams.
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Aaah I missed it, that's okay...

It wasn't as good as it was in 1592, the closest we're going to get in the near future is during the next expansion in 2015. What a shame I missed it... /sad face
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Pi day
would actually be 3/14/16

... not 15 as some would have you believe

A waist is a terrible thing to mind.
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