Shu'halo Herald #1

Ok to liven this forum up I'm going to start a Shu'halo Herald "news paper" concerning current events and goings on around Shu'halo ( note: this is entirely satirical and not intended to be taken seriously).

Thursday March 14 31L.C. Issue 1 5g

-Stone Workers Union to decide to recommend or reject Stormwind proposals.

SWU, Eastern Kingdom's largest union, will decide today whether to recommend acceptance or rejection of the Stormwind proposals to reduce the SWU payroll bill by an extra 1 million gold over the next three years.
The decision will be seen as a significant indicator of the prospects of the proposals being accepted by the 9,000 employees in the SWU.
The Alliance will continue its campaign of lobbying for the agreement citing the cost of the war as a reason for the cuts.

-King attending Alliance leaders summit in Darnassus.

King Varian Wrynn is in Darnassus this morning for a two-day Alliance leaders summit focused on reviewing economic policy and promoting jobs and growth.
The summit is not viewed as a make-or-break meeting for the Alliance, unlike previous summits.
One Night Elf diplomat quipped that a “bit of boring” is not viewed in Darnassus as a bad thing.
Yet given the record unemployment levels confirmed by the Alliance statistical agency Astat, Alliance leaders will be keen to show that they are adopting the economic tools to boost jobs and growth.

- Gryphon passengers could secure stronger rights.

Gryphon passengers could secure new rights under plans published today by the Alliance.
The new rules, which should become law next year, also clarify when Gryphon Masters must pay-out compensation.
Under the plan, a Gryphon Master would be obliged to inform passengers, and give an explanation, within 30 minutes of any delay.
Passengers would also have the right to choose their own Gryphon, instead of the current automatic allotment.
If passengers have mounted a Gryphon but it then remains on the ground for more than five minutes, they could demand to be reimbursed.
Natural disasters and Gryphon heartattacks would trigger compensation payments, however Gryphon distraction by the passengers gear effects would be considered an "exceptional circumstance" and be exempt.

-Stormwind Lions to Play Gomeregan Rockets in a friendly today at 3pm in Gurubashi Arena.
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Interesting. Here you go. My contribution:


Silvermoon City - The discovery of another dismembered corpse stashed in a shipping crate has prompted renewed calls by the government for the Farstriders to investigate what may be the work of a serial killer.

"Five murders all alike are four too many for the killings to be random," said Councillor Kelrendis Brightwing, an official from the Court of the Sun. "We need to act now before more people turn up in pieces scattered about our streets."

The torso and left arm of the unidentified male victim were recovered early yesterday morning by city guards after a Royal Exchange auctioneer found the body parts while unpacking merchandise. Employees at the Exchange had complained about a foul odour the night before, according to Arwena Caidori, who opened the box containing the remains.

"I thought one of our clients sent us perishables that went bad," she said. Caidori alerted a city guardian after she caught a glimpse of the torso.

Yesterday's killing marks the latest in a string of grisly murders that have rocked Silvermoon in the last two months. Parts from four other victims - none of whom have yet been identified - were also found neatly packed in unmarked shipping crates dumped around the city.

The Farstriders could not be reached for a comment.

"This is insane," said Brightwing. "How can we expect to win wars half-way across the world when we can't even keep our own people safe from chop-happy maniacs?"

Silvermoon City Associated Press
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