Looking For:
Firstly I am looking to start a 3's team with players who don't have that much experience like me but are wanting to work on getting rating as best as we can in order to find groups easier (since everyone wants achieves these days). If I have a choice I'd prefer comps such as:


Also wouldn't mind joining a guild which has players like me (not bads but just needing to get used to arenas) which makes it easier for making such teams (not too interested in RBG except for conquest cap).

After spending all of last patch raiding as healer I have decided to get into the pvp side of things. Been playing monk since beta and was lvl 90 on this only a day after release. I have a lot of experience with both healing and playing dps as offspec so I am not some flavour-of-the-month baddy. I can be online most days depend how my uni work plays out and how social life is.

tl;dr - Lf 3s to gain exp. Maybe guild to help make low exp teams and progress. Been playing monk for as long as possible