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Hey, I know we're very few, but I wanted to know if anyone else out there is wondering like I am about the status of Alliance players playing on Thaurissan. If you're an active or casual Alliance player on Thaurissan, can you give some reasons as to why you love the server and choose to remain on it? With a population ratio 1/10 favoring the horde, a tiny AH, and a lack of people in general in main cities, I'd like to know the reasons people play on the server and give some encouragement as to why Thaurissan is worth playing at. I was auto-suggested to roll onto the server.
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people i met here is prob the only reason i am still ally atm.
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pretty much small servers are far far better IMO.

the community is always better when people are more accountable and when there are only like 50 people on at any time you are very accountable so no1 acts like a *!@##@*@. and no1 ninjas(excluding freaky). you can have this same experience on slightly larger servers but as a servers grows there are just inevitably more !@#$%^-s.

big servers are full of elitist people which just seems to make them worse, pug raiding is in general really horrible and i can and do find people to pvp with easily.

the server imbalance is actually alot of fun as you can almost always find world pvp when you want it.

as for the AH it becomes more a people you know thing eventually you just get contacts with the professions and equipment you need, it can be annoying to wait for people who can craft or sell you the items you need to get on but people on thaur are really generous so its fairly cheap.

the bad things are all related to pop sometimes its just to hard to get together a raid or find some1 to help you do a group activity or actually do a world boss without it being like 80% barth people.

but the main reason i play on thaur is that i have been here for ever! and I still love it.

EDIT: did xfer to Fmourne with mates during DS hated it so much and came back for MOP. big servers are not always better.
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I just want to raid ToT with decent people.. that means your out Time :P
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Thaurissan Alliance seriously needs a shake up. The ratio has been awful for years, there should be free server transfers if it hasn't already been opened. I tried to play Alliance after initially being Horde for so long on Thaurissan, and it just feels like nothing is being done, progression is extremely low, and a lack of competition in that.
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Idk how you guys do it.
I used to be horde on Thaur and just the complete lack of world pvp and obvious painful imbalance made me xfer to another server where the factions are balanced.
Maybe its more fun being on the fewer side? idk but i could never play on an imbalanced server again :S
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