Lords of Ritalin, Horde, Exodar US
since 2007

Recruiting active high level players to launch our new 10M raid team starting Sunday April 7th.
Raid Schedule Sunday/Monday 7 server for 2.5 hour commitment.

Get in with a new team on the ground floor and experience earning achievements the old fashioned way - earning them through shared blood sweat and tears with your team!

Must be a *Team Player* on all levels. Bring a great supportive attitude. Be ready and willing to take a lot of raid beatings while keeping your focus and eyes on the prize!

Loot: Open roll on applicable gear on Main Set, and offset rolls if all pass, then DE for guild use for enchants. The team will be expected to use judgement when 'weighing' loot distribution. Loot's yours if you win a roll, but we'll be watching closely who the team players are and aren't and will sub out players not upholding the value of the team over the individual.
About the Team Leader:

Team leader Vindorei is ex-Millitary. Real life active duty and Veterans welcome! "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome!" Middle age guy with a long managerial & technical background, who enjoys the Warcraft Franchise, alternative and classic rock, metal, & hip hop dance music, skiing, travel & outdoor adventuring. I enjoy bringing people together and building teamwork and comradrie.

Whisper or email Vindorei(GM), Eatchow(Officer), or any member in game and ask for an officer and lets have a quick chat. Thanks for reading!