Whats your favourite class to tank and why?

90 Draenei Death Knight
Im just curious to see what my fellow tanks have to say on this subject, and I would also like to ask what your least favorite class is and why.
Personally my favorite has been the Death Knight because of their mastery and the fact they are quite mobile in terms of death runes and crimson scourge allowing the constant use blood boil while moving between groups of mobs.
When it comes to my least favorite I have say it's the warrior as their lack of aoe moves make it difficult to deal with long streams of incoming mobs, i have tanked a a paladin and monk to 90 in addition to death knight and so I'm kinda used to the large amounts of aoe with low cooldowns.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Easily the monk, great crowd control, ways too taunt. Oxe statue can be very useful if placed right. Quick heavy damage too get control right away. A pull taunt, a mid stun taunt, many others. Other than if you screw up and miss a shuffle you turn into butter, the least stressful tank too play.
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
Thematically the Warrior, no class feels so offensive with their moves.

Reality is that I tank on my prot pally because I like giving utility to a group while holding decent aoe threat. I don't feel very powerful though (admittedly I'm just a LFR and LFD prot pally but I don't put out great damage like some tanks but I do hold threat against better geared dps).
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90 Pandaren Priest
Thematically the Warrior, no class feels so offensive with their moves.

I agree, and it is why I tank Warrior.

I tank mostly because i wanna hit stuff in the face. I am gonna take this shield and smash it into that things face. You want to come with me Mr. Mage? You can light it on fire for me, cause that would be even better.

Too many rules about what I can and can not hit when I DPS. This is my "me" time. I tend to spend it with other like minded folk, they line up to come with me, I don't know why.
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92 Human Priest
my preference changes a lot, but overall i would say my warrior.

charge + intervene + heroic leap always makes tanking a blast. i would also include shockwave, but lately the increased cd has been annoying me.
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93 Undead Monk

This is the first tier I have tanked, but something that feels so much like an evasion rogue (my main from Vanilla to Cata) is so exhilarating.

Others say they like punching !@#$ in the face, and I totally get that. I love never being touched by a boss.

I love the mobility, the damage reduction mechanic through stagger and shuffling.

I like that my main aggro ability hits like a truck and is aoe.
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90 Human Death Knight
Monk. It's so much fun.

Though DK is a close second. It's so powerful, and I have a tool for everything.
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90 Pandaren Monk
There is the monk, and then there is...the monk.
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100 Dwarf Warrior
I can't get behind any class that tanks without a shield. It's just not aesthetically pleasing to me.

Paladins have too many "non-tanking" things to worry about, due to their nature of being a hybrid class with a healing spec. I don't want to worry about WoGs or cleansing or BoPing other people.

So it's warrior for me.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
dks,because: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vZRI_oHsmQ
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100 Pandaren Monk
Monk is by far my favorite class I have tanked with by a large margin. Poor DK sitting around collecting dust now.
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90 Draenei Paladin
03/22/2013 06:34 AMPosted by Crowingzero
I don't want to worry about WoGs or cleansing or BoPing other people

No one said you had to worry about healing or cleansing the other people in your group. That's the healer's job.
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100 Pandaren Monk
Monk and then my War close behind it.
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44 Human Warrior
Monks easily. its just so much fun.
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100 Human Warrior
I am a huge fan of my warrior because of his mobility and the fact that I have no trouble with keeping aggro, and when played correctly, his survivability and proper use of defensive CDs. Warriors do lack in aoe tanking, but it's still doable and I enjoy it.

I can't speak on my least favorite tank because I haven't had the chance to tank with another class. I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to put the effort into my gearing up my DK.
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100 Orc Death Knight
I loved my warrior at one point, loved the paladin late BC/early wrath, loved my DK in Wrath and Cata.

Now i Have warrior and DK at 90... prefer the DK. I'm enjoying my monk at level 80 and working on getting him to 90.

For me, the DK pulls ahead because of the cooldown options compared to the warrior. But the warrior mobility and such I miss. I don't like how they feel anymore - shield barrier and such just feel meh to me.

The self healing aspect is fun, and the spells/theme is great. Add in a fun offspec in frost and I'm pretty happy.

The monk seems to be very mobile but I'm not 90 yet, so hard to honestly judge.
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12 Pandaren Monk
I have DK, Bear and Pallie. My pref is the DK, he feels damaging, his healing and CDs feel good and are fun and....AotD! Come on!

I used to like droods but as a tank he just feels lacklustre. The SFX have always been weak like, they're beating carpets with a stick instead of breaking faces. I'm not really into the new mechanics and simplified self-healing.

Pallies are too complicated for my tiny brain. With all their Hands of this and that, and so many cds that seem too similar, keybinding them all and memorising them after a few weeks off isn't fun for me. Having said that Avengers Shield and Hammer of the Righteous feel and sound good.

I'd love to play a warr but with 6 mains I really can't face the grind again. Maybe this monk....just 1 more....
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1 Tauren Shaman
03/25/2013 05:57 AMPosted by Noodelz
I used to like droods but as a tank he just feels lacklustre. The SFX have always been weak like, they're beating carpets with a stick instead of breaking faces.
The sound effects for Lacerate, Thrash, and Faerie Fire are the reason I'm very disenchanted with bear tanking :/

It's just not as visceral feeling as the sound of Shield Slam or Heroic Leap, or even Keg Smash.
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