Hello Draka,

I am back for the time. I am a season raider in all rolls. I was here at the start of the expansion, but due to financial and family issues I had to step back. I was in recent starter gear. Over the weekend I have gotten what seems to be the best gear I can get using LFR and what valor points I had. I will be making a few changes to spec and gem/reforging today after work.

I am looking to do some raiding or filling for people. Don't need a 100% spot in a guild if not available. I will be happy with stepping in to see content and get to down some stuff. I am very knowledgeable about my class and raid mechanics, I don't make many mistakes, and the few I do, I only make once :)

Right now my schedule is 5:30 AM - 2:30 PM Az MTN (PST as of right now) I have weekends off, I am off WoW by 12 AM server time.

Message me in game or add my real ID mlgdarkwow@hotmail.com.

Thanks again,
Hope to hear from you!