Theforgotten's Guide to Island Rarespawns.

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This thread is mostly just for kicks, but if some of you don't know, well hell I was helpful!

Q:What are these new...Rare spawns?

Across the Isle of Thunder, there are quite a few named rares that crop up ever 15 minutes. Ra'sha to Progentius, they drop loot to aid in our travels.(Mostly valor tomes and cloth.)

Q:Whats so different about them, Forgotten?
They have a unique looting system in which anyone who pokes them with shiney objects gets a share of their loot. I don't know if theres a damage minimum, but it seems to be rather forgiving

Q:I damaged the spawn and it died..but theres no loot
Well gg for you. Kidding. There is a bug(It might have been patched since I havent seen it in awhile) that causes loot to be untouchable. Merely run away, reload your ui, or wait it out. Itll eventuall pop up for you.

Q:I found one of these spawns! What do I do?
Depending on which spawn, you might need a little help. Fret not! Advertise in general and soon you'll have your comrades swarming over this poor spawn like ants over a dead worm.

Q:Horde/Alliance have shown up! Are they going to gank us?!
Depending on who, they might. But 8 times out of 10, they just want a piece of the loot for themselves. Unless its Grommash. That guys a jerk.(I kid I kid). What happens after the rare spawn dies, however, I am not responsible for.

Q:Is there any limit to how many I can kill per week/day?

Not that I've discovered, but the looot seems to drop off aafter the first. Usually the first drops a stone, maybe a key, and a tome. After that, Ivebeen lucky to find a stone on every 10th or so mob. Tomes are usually always there though. Yay 15 valor!

Thats all I got. Any questions?
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For a few more notes.

Not that I've discovered

There is a limit to one key a week from the rare spawns, which you should get in the first 3 kills at least, usually the first, if not the 2nd, I've never made it to needing a 3rd, but meh, I suppose it's possible.

Q:I damaged the spawn and it died..but theres no loot

You can also alternatively grab any random mob near by and kill it to use AoE looting to your advantage
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