Karazhan Chess Team is a Horde 10man only raid guild.

Raid days:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8-1130PM (EST) or 7-1030PM (SERVER)

Contact info:
GM: Painreaper (alindsey56@hotmail.com)
Officers: Zoral, Trein, Fyera

Guild website:

Voice program:
Mumble (http://mumble.sourceforge.net/) <yes its free>

1 Solid healer....

Loot system is on the front page.

Expectations of our raiders:
*Great raid attendance (Talk to the GM if you cant make it)
*Min / Max'd (Easy to do since we provide everything)
*Study strats from Icy-veins and be ready to execute ahead of time
*Be ready for invites at 730pm with first pull at 8pm sharp

What you can expect from us:
*Always helpful with class discussion
*Fair treatment
*If corrections for play style have to be done, it will be done in private after the raid with suggestions on how to be better
*Raid repairs, food, pots, enchants, gems