I'm going to be running weekly MSV/HOF runs these nights from 6:30-10:30ST.They are going to be a signup event for my guild but we are likely going to need another couple people to fill roles in these groups, I'm thinking probably mostly healer and tank roles but some dps positions may be available. Would prefer experience in these raids but if you have the patience and like to have a good time i can live with limited experienced people.

General Information:
-Min Item Level of 475 is required for these raids
-Must have vent and working Mic..Although our guild will be using skype and you are more than welcome to join us on there.
-Must have appropriate Gems,enchants and reforged for your spec.
-Would like people on 15 minutes prior to raid start time for invites
-feasts will be provided. But please bring own flasks /pots
-Will step into HOF after depending on the performance in MSV

If interested please whisper me in guild or ask any of my guild members to get in contact with me i am online most of the time or add me to Battle tag dan123#1688

Thanks for your time