Bleeding Hollow Alliance Wants YOU


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BASIC INFO: EST Time Zone, PvP Server, Horde leaning with a strong Alliance pop.

Bleeding Hollow a once balanced server has fallen into a state of large imbalance like many great servers have over the years and it is up to we the remaining Alliance population to make efforts to stem the tide before it is to late!

What does BH Alliance offer that other servers cant? A large Horde population that enjoys WPvP of all types from Weekly raiding our cities to kill our Leaders to taking larger raids and taking sections of the city and quest hubs..but dont think we cant bite back..The Alliance is a smaller community that can still bite back..we can dish out pain and take it..We of <fights like a gurl> have been known to strike the leader of the largest Horde PvP guild on the server in Garrosh's own throne room during their guild meetings..We have wiped their raids and We have ravaged any under their tag from zone to zone to the point they stopped trying to zerg and started doing hit and runs against us..Other guilds Like <Alliance Vangaurd> have shaped up in recent weeks and bite back as well recently locking down the cave entrance to the Throne of Thunder until overtaken by the Might of the Hordes numbers!

We may be small but we are a proud faction lacking in players interested in WPvP! If World PvP interests you but isnt enough to sell you then maybe some other points can!

Bleeding Hollow has opportunities for all ratings of PvPers and many types of PvEers..From PuGing RBGs and Arenas at the low and higher end in trade to progression focused guilds! We have it all and wish to bring more players to this place.

Alas the point of all this is to save our server from becoming a dead end place where its greatness is but a fond memory!

SO if World PvP is your thing and you havent found the server for you and your friends give us a look because

/Start RP
Long Live Bleeding Hollow
Long Live the Alliance
Long Live <flag>
/End RP

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Oh how neat.
90 Troll Druid
I would enjoy a challenge. :)
100 Troll Hunter
Do we even have alliance on this realm anymore?
90 Human Death Knight
Do we even have alliance on this realm anymore?

From realm pop id say just a few hence why I posted here :P
90 Blood Elf Priest
90 Human Death Knight
Do we even have alliance on this realm anymore?

no :(

edit: and how is cross-realm recruiting bannable -.-
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