Greetings! I'm currently in the market for a new 10 man raiding guild that raids after 5 Realm, on any given day.

Open to transferring to Alliance if guaranteed a Raid slot.

Access to Mumble and Vent with Mic.

Raiding Addons Used:
Deadly Boss Mods
Gear Grinder

DPS: Varies between 80k-135k depending on fight. Frequent target switches are brutal until Storm, Earth, and Fire minions stop getting one shot by AoE's. ._.

Personal Raiding Experience:
Burning Crusade: Full Clear Kara - Full Clear Sunwell
Wrath: Full Clear Naxx 10/25 - Full ICC 10/25
Cata: Full Clear BoT/BWD 10 - Full DS 10
MoP: Full Clear MSV/HOF/TOES - 1/12 ToT.

With various Heroic bosses downed up from ToC 10/25 in Wrath onward.

I'm always on time, usually early, and bring my own flasks. Dedicated, skilled, and driven to be top Damage/DPS*. If I am not top, I find out why, and fix it. I also bring Enchants/DEing services to the Raid. I also don't stand in fire. :)

*Single Target. Because AoE spamming =/= Real DPS.

*Able to provide Logs on request. Usually, assuming I haven't recently cleared my log file.

Contact me via In-game mail or add my Battletag Rharkul#1809
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