Returning to Old roots for a week

85 Human Warlock
Wow, I'm surprised most of the same people are still playing this game. I got to come back for 7 days free but hoenstly, It'll probably be the last time I'm online. Looks like the same old !@#$% from BC and WotLK are on the forums still and all the wanna be raiding guilds are still recuiting. Looks like it's only the pvp ^-*!@ talking trash though. What happened to all the good raiding guilds? They all move on finally? Ohhhh welllllll.

Just stoping by to say hi to all to whom I use to know but it looks like no one is around anymore. The last time I talked to Zoey he was playing League and I'm guessing a lot of the people I knew switched over. OHHHH well.

to any of you who knew

Hi to you all, hope everythings going ok.

to the rest of you.... how much weight have you gained from playing this game 24-7 for the last 4 years? o.0 We should do a statistic for it. lol. oh well. to each their own.

good luck on your adventures and your raids or what ever. cant really say good luck to the pvpers cause this game has always had a pretty crappy pvp system, but hang in there. Maybe someday they won't have to always change spells and classes every patch. bahahahaha what am I saying, it'll always be bad.

oh and someone should take storm to the hospital if he's still pooping lemons. our mage failking needs life support! :D hahahhaa
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85 Human Warlock
oh and to most of you, stop playing this game. Pay attention to your family and kids. You probably waste way to much time on this game just sitting in a town when you could be doing something better IRL.

no one wants to apply to your crappy guild like its a job, no one cares how much of a veteran you are. this game is so simple now all you have to do is go to youtube and find a way to kill a boss. its pretty pathedic. You have no skill. dont think your better then other people because you devote 90% of your life playing the game just to down a raid before anyone else. if anyone else carred they would be just as pathedic as you.
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90 Dwarf Hunter
Boom roasted
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
You're*,They're*, Cared*, Pathetic*. So mad.
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90 Night Elf Priest
So much contradiction and hypocritical nonsense I can actually smell it. Talks about wasting time and people on forums but does it him/herself..what? I ...don't know...head...hurts...too much...stupid...can't... *faints* (X.X')
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You're*,They're*, Cared*, Pathetic*. So mad.

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