Hello guys,

I am currently looking for a raiding guild on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday slots; am available anytime after 7pm SVT upto 11:30-12AM (this is AEST).

I am 13/16 H T14 experienced on my prot paladin in War Time (Frostwolf US) and have cleared most of H MSV and was the bench warmer for War Time (Frostwolf US) on this druid but ofcourse know all fights inside out just was never into MoP pve on this toon.

My current ilvl on this druid is 489 and growing each week with each valor cap and LFR lockout.

A little background raiding experience;
I started raiding at the start of WotLK clearing Naxx25 within the first 2 lockouts but due to loot issues the entire guild disbanded and so I joined LoTH, healing for LoTH we smacked down Ulduar fast and TotGC and the rest of that junk, basically everything has been cleared hardmode and heroic including ICC during current content.
In MoP I was in Last Attempt until start of Firelands where I took a 2 month break from WoW, I found myself replaced so I created my own guild with friends and my brother we ended up clearing H Firelands but getting H Rag down only when DS came out. I joined War Time on Frostwolf during DS because I wanted to get back into serious raiding, they are a 25man guild and I was sat on the bench most of the time, eventually I cleared the entire raid on Heroic.
With MoP, me and a friend created the guild Moose on Thaurissan, later changed name to Pineapple on my Prot paladin. We were hovering on rank 9-11th guild on Thaurissan clearing 5/6 H MSV and 2/6 H HoF the guild broke down and I joined War Time on my prot paladin because they had a spot open for a reserve tank. I am still in War Time on my paladin and they no longer need my balance druid.

What I expect from you;
- On time raid starts and finishes
- Fair loot rules
- Friendly guild and raid environment
- A raid leader that will point out my mistakes so I can improve on them

What you will get from me;
- On time everytime raider unless emergency, you will be notified
- Solid raider with consistency
- Fast learner nearly never makes the same mistake twice
- Laughs and great chat topics
- Ultimate professionalism while raiding
- Constructive criticism when it's due
- Hugs

Please PM or send me in-game mail. Also add my battle tag Diablo#1601
I am happy to faction change or transfer realms.

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